Merlin Results Radar Review

The Merlin Results Radar is a football betting tool that ensures you win treble bets, so long as you can correctly predict just 1 result from 3 games.

So, out of the three results that you predict, even if you get two of them wrong you will still win.

The Merlin tool comes in the form of a spreadsheet and it is best to use it with Excel to be sure the macros will function properly.

The system is based on mathematics and this is explained in detail in the user manual that comes along with the tool. The guide has recently been updated to include examples with pictures, to make it easy to understand how to get the best out of it.

If you already have a winning football system, the tool is ideal for making money from trebles. But what if you don't?

Well, the guide explains several methods, including how to use a "banker" method or alternatively you could use stats websites or follow advice from a football tips service.

Of course, you can't expect to win every time but if you can achieve a high enough strike rate, the tool will help to maximise profits from treble betting.

My experience using the Merlin Results Radar tool

I tried Merlin out and chose my selections with the help of a football stats website, since winning football tipsters have been few and far between lately.

My three chosen matches were:

Pordenone v Virtus Entella
Getafe v Real Sociedad
Everton v Leicester

I am no expert but I felt fairly confident about these three picks. Pordenone had shown decent form playing at home and Virtus Entella had been poor away. If they could secure a win, I was guaranteed to win my treble.

Merlin calculated the bets that I needed to place, which turned out to be 9 sets of trebles.

Each of the home sides went on to win their games, so I picked up a profit of £72.40 which was an ROI of 80.5%.

The thing is, as long as Pordenone won, it didn't matter about the other results, I would be quids in!


The tool is simple enough to use and it takes around 10 minutes from entering the data into the spreadsheet and placing bets. More time will be needed if you are doing your own research on bets.

I am giving my approval for the Merlin Results Radar as it is a handy tool to enhance profits and comes with excellent support. But, please do bear in mind that the tool is only as good as your (or your chosen tipster's) ability to pick solid selections.

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  1. …It is not stated clearly but does the Merlin spreadsheet only work in conjunction with multiple book makers – can it not be used with Betfair?

  2. Doesn’t work to produce any significant profit and takes hours to use, place bets with multiple bookies, check odds etc. After all the tools available please don’t be fooled by an excel spreadsheet beating the bookies.

  3. Hi Amy

    Something I can’t get my head around. On the promotional material yer man has six selections where the winner will be found provided I have entered part data with a winner. Ok..I get that. What I can’t work out is that on some of the selections ( if they were the winning selection ) the profit would not cover the stakes lost on the other five losing ones. So, as far as I see, yes you will always get a winner but it may not be profitable in the end. Would I be correct in stating this or am I missing something?

    1. Hey Paul, depending on the odds, there are sometimes permutations that will end with a loss. Stakes can be adjusted on the spreadsheet to avoid this in some cases. It seems to work better if you aren’t including matches with shorter priced favourites to win.

      It may be worth firing an email over to Donald (who created the system) about this, as he can give you some more in-depth advice.

  4. Hi Amy
    Do you know if you are restricted to the 1X2 markets or can you use other markets such as over 2.5 or Both Teams To Score?

  5. Hi Amy
    I had a few questions about the spreadsheet.
    Given you had to place 9 sets of trebles could you spread these across a number of bookmakers to protect your accounts? If so can the spreadsheet handle the slightly different odds different bookies would be offering? And does the spreadsheet require you to bet in odd amounts (like dutching) or would it be the same amount on every treble? Again to help protect your account. Thanks

    1. Hey Andy
      Yes, the bets can be spread across different bookmakers. You are able to enter different bookmaker odds into the spreadsheet so you can easily see where would be most profitable to place the bets.

      You can manually change the stakes to a round number to protect your accounts.

  6. So let’s say I pick the following

    West Ham win vs Villa
    Leicester win vs Leeds
    Chelsea win vs Fulham

    If West Ham and Leicester Lose but Chelsea win I still win?

      1. Sorry David, I missed your question for some reason. If Chelsea is your banker bet, then yes you would still win. Basically, the pick that you are most confident on would be your banker and as long as that one wins, there will be a winning treble.

    1. It doesn’t matter if I use the tool once or a hundred times, it’s going to do exactly the same thing each time. Please bear in mind that this is a review about the tool itself, not the bets that I decided to test it with.

  7. Hi Neale
    yes i do believe this is the same system from 10 years ago,but its been updated and had a few tweeks so to speak of.But basically its the same

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