Accumulator Generator Review

Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

If Mike Cruickshank is known for one thing, it’s risk-free betting.

And the remarkable truth is, he keeps coming up with brand new angles.

My favourite product of his, up until now at any rate, has always been Profit Maximiser.

Inevitably therefore, I was keen to get to grips with his latest offering, the somewhat daunting, and rather inelegantly named, Accumulator Generator.

Well, I’ve had it for about a month now, and am ready to share some general impressions.

So .. has Mike come up with another winner?

Accumulator Generator
Accumulator Generator


My General Impressions…

My overall impressions are as follows:

1. As they say in all good rom-coms, it’s complicated.

If, like me, you like to charge into new betting systems like a raging bull in a shop selling only Portmeirion and Denby dinner sets, you may be in for a tough first few weeks.

In my case, the first trade was a complete disaster.

I failed to follow all the (extremely thorough) training videos and instead thought I could skip ahead a few chapters, so to speak.

One failed £50 accumulator later (and why start with a small stake when a whopping fifty would do just as well?!), I decided I really did need to work through the extensive worked examples in a rigorous fashion.

Specifically, I’d not bothered to match my backing stake to the size of my bookmaker’s refund offer — which, it turns out, is pretty much a cardinal sin, and something you need to check before submitting any bets anywhere.

There are however similar red lines waiting for you, and the only real solution is to learn how to do it properly as the thing is inherently complicated.

2. It’s also quite astonishingly clever.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Accumulator Generator may just be the single most sophisticated piece of betting system software I’ve encountered.

What I particularly like about it is the way the different parts of the system integrate so very tightly.

First, you start by scanning the market for suitable trades.

There’s a very nifty piece of software called the Acca Matcher that does this for you.

And it produces pages of juicy-looking opportunities like this one.

Acca Matcher
Acca Matcher within Accumulator Generator

Yep, this remarkable scanner sits and stares out into the betting abyss and locates combinations of football matches and betting offers that are susceptible to the Accumulator Generator approach.

And there are a lot. Please don’t ask me how many. But more than any sensible person would seriously want to wade through.

It then sorts them into descending order of value, so you can work through them in a logical sequence. You can also filter out bookies who’ve banned you so all you get is stuff that’s likely to interest you.

You then click on the calculator icon (see the little purple boxes above) and a wonderfully detailed Calculator page pops up, all pre-filled with the matches and odds you need for your selected trade. It’s so neat.

You do have to check a related ‘Offers’ page briefly, to ensure you know what you’re doing with this particular bookie. But that just takes a moment, and soon becomes second nature.

And then you put on your bets, exactly as instructed.   You can see how the bets are laid out in the graphic in point 4 below.

3. The maths are on your side.

The system comes with five different strategies and not all of them are risk-free.

But it’s abundantly obvious from even my initial bungled attempts that, sooner or later, I’m going to come out on top.

In a nutshell, this is accumulator arbitrage.

And occasionally — and I suspect, even more profitably — there’s accumulator ‘advantage betting’.

The bottom line is, if you learn to do it right (ahem!), you really can’t lose.

Even after all these years of playing with arbitrage, I still find this thought tantalising.

4. Most tantalisingly of all, this may be the ultimate bookie-friendly arbitrage technique.

The biggest headache for many punters is the perennial threat of account limitation or closure.

The single largest source of new traffic to my site concerns precisely this subject: and there surely has to be a reason why.

Indeed, it’s enough of a headache to cause some folks to give up on arbitrage altogether.

But then here comes Accumulator Generator… and it may just offer something very radical that could help. Because bookmakers are desperate for you to try accumulators.

The reason again comes back to maths.

If bookies win decent money on single bets, they can win obscene amounts on accumulators.

Now of course, the refund offers that Accumulator Generator exploits must cost the bookies something: or there would be no value to be had.

But a lot of your accumulators will result in a loss at the bookies and a win at the exchange — which is how every arber everywhere would like it.

Yes, there will be bookies who you take money off. So I can’t prove that bookies will like you any better for doing this.

But, given that most of the trades that Accumulator Generator is throwing up are at short odds and on hot favourites, there surely has to be a decent chance that you end up looking more like the kind of mug punter they really would like you to be.

Just tonight, I embarked upon a new accumulator that included bets on Barcelona, Inter Milan and Besiktas in Turkey.

It is a fivefold at Betway containing four match odds bets priced below 1.35.

It’s hard to think that a bookmaker would see a punter who behaves like this as anything but a fairly dedicated follower of betting fashion.

BetWay Accumulator
BetWay Accumulator

5. You really need to get organised. No, really.

This one is a note to self as much as anything.

US President Calvin Coolidge apparently once remarked that, “The only difference between a mob and a trained army is organisation.”

Well, if I may paraphrase, the only difference between a failed accumulator and a profit is a reminder on your smartphone.

Thing is, Accumulator Generator depends, for its success, on your running each “leg” of the trade at a separate time.

Meaning, a five or sixfold can go on for several days.

Following each leg, you then have to record the result of the game in your accumulator records, and place your next lay bet, as instructed by the software.

And the lay stakes vary, depending on the previous results.

So: make a note to check in.

And pay attention with those lay stakes!

6. Is it more trouble than it’s worth?

This is my biggest worry.

Accumulator Generator may make you look a mug punter but is all this study and organisation really just an elaborate way of becoming a mug arber?

What is the likely return for each hour I expend going to be?

Only time will tell with this one – and so the trial goes on.

I suspect the key is to go with some of the ‘advantage play’ methods, rather than the pure arbitrage ones. But I will reflect on this question in the month ahead.

And hopefully return with some satisfying trades that I am increasingly placing with a minimum of effort.

I am also starting to use Smarkets rather than Betfair in order to save on commission.  Smarkets offers a level of just 2%, which, when you’re placing five or six bets in a single trade, can make a useful difference.

Impressions Summary

I feel I’ve scarcely ripped off the wrapping paper from Accumulator Generator. Though I have finally calmed down and started to read properly through the instruction booklet!

But I have finally get my head around the training (which is superb) and the concept (likewise).

And glory be, it’s starting to get repetitive.

Hopefully this means I will be able to start churning out more profitable trades – and get past the silly beginner’s errors that, I guess, we’re all a little prone to.

I’ll be back in early April with my next report.

In the meantime, you can read more about this remarkable piece of software here.


April 2016 Update – Detailed Strategy-by-Strategy Analysis

Now that I’ve been using Accumulator Generator for a month, it’s time for a further update.

However, rather doing this as a separate article, I’ve decided just to extend my initial post to add more explanatory detail.

So I have added five more sections explaining how the different trading modes work.

Because, essentially, you can use the product in five different ways. And as you’ll see, I have quite strong feelings about which ones to use – and which you should avoid.

I will start with an approach that, on the face of it, looks very appealing.

Mode 1 – Lay All Selections At Once

OK, this isn’t the mode you would normally start using AG with when you become a new user.

However, it is an approach that initially appealed to me.

Because it meant I wouldn’t have to mess around setting reminders in my phone for the next leg of the trade to happen.

Instead, with Lay All, you simply put on your accumulator and all related lay bets in a single sitting. 

Which sounds just great. 🙂

Now, as with all AG trading modes, you begin with the Acca Matcher.

And you simply select the “Lay All” option highlighted here…

In the Acca Matcher, select "Lay All"
In the Acca Matcher, select “Lay All”

Doing so brings up a (much) reduced list of trades that are susceptible to this accelerated approach.

And when I say, “reduced list” I mean it.

At time of writing, for instance, there are just two such trades. Sometimes there are none at all.

By way of contrast, the full Acca Matcher can offer over 30 pages of options, each containing up to 20 possible accumulators!

Inevitably, this means the potential value of Lay All trades — the “EV” in the picture above — is much lower than in other modes.

So you can get it all done in a single sitting – but you may have to pick an accumulator that leaves you wondering whether it was worth it.

Another curious feature of “Lay All” trades is that they tend to produce highly variable outcomes.

For instance, the current best value option is offering the following potential returns:

Lay All - Current Best Option
Lay All – Current Best Option

No, you haven’t misread that.

If one leg loses, you will be worse off with this trade to the tune of £60.

However, if all six legs go down, you’ll win over £300.

Now, Lay All trades tend to be at very short prices. So the £60 loss is far more likely to happen than the £300 win.

So this is a trade you probably wouldn’t want to go anywhere near.

And frankly, I have yet to find a single Lay All trade that I really like the look of.

Of course, I may have been unlucky and logged into the system at just the wrong times.

And I did do one Lay All trade with tiny £2.50 stakes to see if I was in fact missing something.

I wasn’t.

I lost 57 pence, instead of the predicted 59, when all six legs came up…

Lay All Trade With £2.50 Stake
Lay All Trade With £2.50 Stake

Verdict On Trading Mode One: I cannot recommend the Lay All Strategy.

The trades are too infrequent and the ones I have found sometimes come with unacceptable risks.

I love the idea of Lay All mode in principle – but I don’t think it works satisfactorily in practice.

The upshot is that if you are going to use Accumulator Generator, you are probably going to have to plan your time, and accept that winning trades involve revisiting the markets a few minutes a day for the duration of your accumulator.

Mode Two – ‘Back Lay And Hope‘…

I hope I’ve demolished the notion that a sensible way to use Accumulator Generator is via the ‘Lay All‘ option.

Personally, I don’t think it works well enough to be a viable strategy and therefore should be discounted.

Today however we come to a much more promising mode: Back, Lay and Hope.

Now, as its name suggests, this isn’t a risk-free approach. We’ll come on to one of those in the next section.

However, Back, Lay and Hope is low-risk and should be profitable in the longer term as it stacks the odds firmly in your favour.

It does so by exploiting the fact that around 40% of our accumulators should finish with one leg going down. This is because we tend to be backing hot favourites at very short odds.

When one leg goes down, you should be able to extract around 80% of the value of the free bet: meaning that you bank about £40 if you’ve got a £50 free bet, and around £20 on a £25 offer.

When you have more than one losing legs, or indeed none at all, you’ll lose a very small amount.

The basic idea is that the wins (40% of the time) should more than make up for the losses (the other 60%).

Whether or not you consider the net profits to be worth the effort… well, that’s a personal decision.

One thing that may convince you is that Back, Lay and Hope involves placing fewer lay bets than several of the other strategies.

You put on your accumulator at the start then simply enter a lay bet on the first match to kick off.

If the favourite doesn’t win, you stop betting. But if they do, you put a lay bet on the second match. And so on… until one of the favourites doesn’t prevail.

It might make more sense with an example.

I did a B, L and H trade at Betway, looking to exploit a £25 offer. It was based on a sixfold accumulator whereby I backed the teams in bold:

  • Celtic v Dundee
  • Rayo Vallecano v Barcelona
  • Man City v Aston Villa
  • Napoli v Chievo
  • Feyenoord v Cambuur
  • Lyon v Guingamp

Having set up the accumulator at the bookmaker, I entered a lay bet on Celtic as they were the first to play.

The game ended goalless so my accumulator had failed at the first leg. As I was following the B, L and H strategy, I duly stopped laying.

I now had to hope that the other five favourites all won. And indeed they did.

I was therefore rewarded with a £25 free bet by Betway, which I managed to exploit for a profit of £19.06 after commission.

The beauty of the trade was that B, L and H minimised the amount of laying time required.

Indeed, I was very fortunate on this occasion as, if only one leg is going to go down, it’s obviously preferable if it’s the first one.

If Celtic had won however, I would have had to carry on laying until another leg proved to be unsuccessful.

Verdict On Trading Mode Two: I recommend Back, Lay and Hope for beginners and for occasional use with £50 offers.

You could have some reasonably long, losing runs with this strategy.

Now it’s a subjective matter of course….

But, personally, if I am using a low-risk trading product such as Accumulator Generator, and putting a reasonable amount of effort into getting organised about when I put on my lay bets, I’d like to think at the end of it, I’ve got some profits to show for the hassle.

However, there is something very easy to follow about Back, Lay and Hope. I found that using it at the outset helped me get my head round the principles that underpin the system.

Also, the net profits arising from offsetting your winning and losing trades will be twice as big with £50 refund offers than with £25 ones, so you may feel the inconvenience of a bumpy ride is worth it in return for the better outcome.

Mode Three – ‘Lock In A Profit, Regardless Of The Result’

Today I’d like to look at the lowest-risk strategy of the lot – one that, I think, is likely to hold broad appeal (though, as we shall see, it needs to be compared carefully to Mode 4, which I do like a lot….).

In Lock-In mode, you know, in advance, almost exactly how much money you’re going to make from your acca trade.

Selecting Lock-In Mode is done simply by changing one drop-down option
Selecting Lock-In Mode is done simply by changing one drop-down option..

And once you’re happy that the amount involved is worth your effort, you simply do as you’re told until the cash is banked.

In practice, this means that you:

  • attempt to find a high-value accumulator using the Acca Matcher
  • put on your accumulator in the usual way
  • lay off each leg with the stakes the system advises
  • key the result of each match into the online calculator so it can fine-tune your lay bets as you go.

This last element means you can, in the end, get back a bit less – or indeed a bit more – than the system initially predicts. So I don’t think you can conclude that Mode Three is as low-risk as conventional back-and-lay arbitrage.

Most of the accas tend to go on for a few days, during which time the prices of the later legs can move about quite a bit.

Now of course, odds can shift for or against you so the overall effect on a series of accumulators is likely to be neutral. But you do have to be prepared for a few changes.

Perhaps more seriously, because this mode is a bit dull, there’s a tendency (at least with me, at any rate!) to forget to put your next lay bet on altogether. Which, of course, can mess things up no end!

Just today for instance, I was supposed to put a lay bet on Napoli in their home match against Verona.

Unfortunately, the game kicked off earlier than I thought and so, by the time I entered the lay, the game was in-play and crucially, Napoli’s odds had drifted out significantly as the score remained 0-0.

Fortunately, whilst I scratched my head and wondered what to do, Napoli took the lead. Meaning that I ended up laying them at 1.13 rather than at the 1.22 figure I was hoping to get before kick-off.

Naturally this improvement in the odds worked in my favour. But it also served as a reminder, if one were needed, to get organised.

In Mode Three, you keep laying bets until two legs have gone down. Meaning that, as we are betting mainly on favourites, you do need to save a lot of reminders in your smartphone.

Verdict On Trading Mode Three: I recommend Lock In A Profit, Regardless Of The Result for highly risk-averse, well-organised folks.

The profits you make in Mode Three from any one acca will be very modest. If you make £10 from any £50 offer, you’ll be doing very well.

However, there are a lot of opportunities thrown up by Accumulator Generator, so you can still make them count if you get organised.

They are repetitive but that also makes them easy to deal with once you get the hang of it.

And you will definitely want a Smarkets account, so you’re only paying 2% commission – instead of the 5% that Betfair will charge you. The difference in profits can be quite remarkable.

Mode 4 – ‘Bonuses Included’

Rather like Mode 3, the ‘Bonuses Included’ strategy provides a risk-free way to exploit the bookies’ acca offers.

However, unlike in 3, the profit you make will vary, depending on the outcome of individual games.

And the way that this variance manifests itself is quite interesting.

As, broadly speaking, the longer you go without a losing match, the more money you will usually make.

Once again, you stop laying as soon as you reach the second losing leg. Which of course means that, the more of your selections win, the more bets you have to put on.

Now, if I am going to have to place more bets, I’d like to be rewarded for the extra effort – and glory be, Mode 4 does indeed reward you.

Take for instance an accumulator that I found on the Acca Matcher today for use at William Hill, featuring no fewer than six matches:

  • Benfica v Bayern Munich
  • Bolton v Middlesbrough
  • Manchester United v Aston Villa
  • Lanus v Atletico Rafaela
  • Juventus v Palermo
  • Arsenal v Crystal Palace.

If two of the first three games end with the favourite not winning, I will only have to put on three lay bets and then, according to Accumulator Generator, I will win around £8.

Which is very nice, but not too exciting:

William Hill - £8 win
William Hill – £8 win

However, if the first four games go with the favourite, and the fifth produces an upset, I am guaranteed a minimum profit of over £22 — either by banking a net £22.31 via a second losing leg, or by losing £17.69 after another winner but being able to exploit a £50 free bet for around £40 profit.

In this latter case, the £40 profit from the free bet will cover the £17.69 loss on the accumulator to leave me £22.31 up overall. 🙂

William Hill - £22 win
William Hill – £22 win

It follows that I am ‘rewarded’ with an additional £14 (£22 minus £8) for the effort expended in placing extra lay bets.

Thus the hassle of sticking with my accumulator is worth the trouble and helps maintain my interest: as I find myself cheering on the favourites to prolong the acca for as many legs as possible!

The bottom line is I really like the Bonuses Included strategy.

Verdict On Trading Mode Four: I recommend Bonuses Included for regular use, ultra-low-risk profits and additional interest and excitement!

Mode 5 – ‘Advantage Play’

Mode 5 is quite different from the other 4 strategies within Accumulator Generator.

Because, unusually for Mike Cruickshank, Advantage Play is a pure betting method – and nothing whatsoever to do with risk-free arbitrage.

It is based on the principles that:

  • the value in any AG trade is created solely by the availability of a refund
  • laying off the acca at an exchange involves throwing some value away in the form of commission
  • the ‘expected value’ of any given acca should, in principle, be higher if you don’t lay it off.

Using the Acca Matcher,, we can see this effect in action.

This accumulator at Coral’s normally offers an expected value of £13.25 (assuming a £50 stake):

Acca Value - Not In Advantage Play Mode
Acca Value – Not In Advantage Play Mode

However, once we switch on Advantage Play, the expected value rises to £14.75 – an increase of £1.50.

This is the additional money we should expect to make, on average, just by deciding not to lay off our acca.


The key words in that last sentence were “on average”.

If you decide to go into AP mode, you could, very likely, win a bit more in the long run – provided you put on enough accas for the inevitable ups and downs of betting to cancel each other out.

However, you will need to steel yourself against the inevitable losing runs.

The acca above comes with a decimal price of over 8, which means that 83% of the time, we would expect it to fail.

However, on average (those words again!), we would expect to be ahead after putting on 8 such accas.

But there are no guarantees.

In Mode 5, you could do better, worse or exactly the same as the Acca Matcher predicts.

On the plus side, as you never lay off your bets in Mode 5 it has a couple of valuable benefits:

  • It is a lot quicker to operate than the other modes here
  • It allows you to trade games that are being played at the same time – so you have access to a bigger pool of accas (some of which may be worth more)
  • You don’t need to hold money in an exchange account.

Verdict On Trading Mode Five: I recommend Advantage Play for seasoned punters only who are coming to Accumulator Generator from a pure betting background. Novices please avoid!

Overall Conclusion

Thus concludes one of the longest reviews ever published here at Lay Back.

However, I think Accumulator Generator probably deserves this much scrutiny as it is both very clever and very involved.

If I may summarise my take on the five strategies, I think it becomes clear that some modes are very definitely more useful than others:

  • Mode 1 – Lay All Selections At Once – not recommended
  • Mode 2 – Back Lay & Hope – suitable for beginner: but probably best used as ‘training wheels’ only
  • Mode 3 – Lock In A Profit – likely to appeal to highly risk-averse users, but deadly dull to live with
  • Mode 4 – Bonuses Included – my favourite strategy as it is ultra low-risk and rewards patience
  • Mode 5 – Advantage Play – for experienced users and seasoned value punters only. Handle with care!

In practice, I will probably stick mainly with Mode 4, however the availability of different options undoubtedly increases the product’s flexibility and will broaden its appeal.

More generally, I have to commend Mike Cruickshank for the quality of the training videos and indeed the whole package.  AG isn’t cheap but it is beautifully put together.

I therefore have no hesitation in awarding a Pass mark to Accumulator Generator.

You can find out more about the product and its current availability by clicking here.


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  1. Hi all, does all the AG strategies need to be used with free bonuses or insurance or is there one of the strategies i can use without having to use bonuses/insurance/offers (like maybe “lock In” strategy)

  2. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your quick answer.

    Can I check a couple of assumptions?

    1) To qualify for the free bet one selection has to lose
    2) If more than one selection loses then you do not qualify for the free bet
    3) If all selections win, then no free bet but should have no losses either

    If you have more than two losses how do you qualify for the free bet as for example, the offer from William Hill says “Money Back as a free bet if just one lets you down in an accumulator with 5 or more selections.”

    Thanks for your patience!

    I have watched Mikes videos several times and I understand the initial acca one but I am getting lost when he tries and explain the Bonus and Lock in method.

    1. Yes, this is the lock in profit as you go method, keeping some of the profit for each selection made – win or lose. Others include recovering only the cost of the acca, meaning you need it to win or have only 1 loser to make a profit. Each of the methods outlined in the members area have different staking based on what it is you’re trying to do with it, etc.

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Now it is a late comment but I have just been introduced to the acca generator.

    Can I ask that if you are using the bonus method, if the second match bet loses you keep laying the subsequent matches.

    But once a bet loses then the rest of the accumulator stops so you have no more bets.

    Silly question but why keep laying the subsequent matches if the subsequent bets have stopped as you have had a losing bet?

    And when it i all over apart from a free bet are you better off financially from the acca itself?

    Apologies but I am a novice at this.



    1. Frank, you’re laying the rest of the selections after the first loss against the free bet on offer should only 1 of the selections in the acca lose – if you get two losers, then you stop laying, as you’ve “lost” the insurance of the free bet against only 1 selection letting you down. If you continue laying beyond two losers, you’re risking your lay liability as if those selections go on to win you lose on the Exchange while not winning with the Bookie, so that is high risk and not recommended.

      1. Hi Chris,

        Thanks for your reply but sorry I am still not getting this (I must be getting old!)

        If one of your selection on the acca loses, then you have your free bet in return. Why continue laying at all but just walk away with your free bet.

        I think I am missing something basic here but don’t know what.

        Thanks again


        1. No worries – best to ask questions to confirm before you make some costly mistakes 🙂

          The acca goes like this:

          Selection 1 – Wins
          Selection 2 – Loses – at this point you only have 1 loser, so if you get another loser you’ll then recover the cost of the acca via the value in the free bet
          Selection 3 – Wins – the acca continues against the insurance offered. 1 loser out of 5, if 5 are selected, lets you down to get the free bet from the bookie
          Selection 4 – Loses – here you’ve lost on the acca, 5 out of 5, and you’ve lost out on the insurance, 4 out of 5.

          So you’d continue laying, using the calculator until you get 5 winners, (no free bet, acca return should cover liability if bet correctly) 4 winners and 1 loser, (acca lost, insurance against value of free bet now layed against) or 2 or more losers no matter where they come.

          Once you have 2 or more losers, you would qualify for the free bet and then need to then lay that free bet to extract the value from that insurance given on the acca.


          1. I should have said – you’d stop laying against the 3rd loser, because you have no acca cover should it win and there’s no more “insurance” in the bookie offer of a free bet if only 1 selection from X lets you down. With 2 losers, laying against a 3rd would lose the whole lay liability should it go on to win with no return from the acca/value in the offer.

            Watch the videos Mike has in the members area – seeing the examples worked through one-by-one is easier to understand. Then, hopefully, once it “clicks” re-reading this might make more sense 😉

  4. I have been using Accumulator Generator for some considerable time now, and each time trying to ensure that my profit was within Betfair, so as not to bring the bookies attention to regular winning with them.
    However, after a few restricted and closed accounts I have now finished using the system.
    I received an email from William Hill to the effect that they had decided that I was no longer being offered the free bet with there Acca promotion.
    I looked into my bet history with them and I had received many free bets of £50 – all of which I had lost ensuring my profit was in Betfair.
    So with no free bet the system was useless to operate. If one bookie takes that stance then I could be confident that others have the same policy (whatever that is) and would follow suit eventually.

  5. I have accumulator generator and find mike to be prompt replying & helpful. Can’t wait for the new season so i can get going again 😀

  6. Really good review. Whilst I think it is a great product I won’t be making a purchase.

    Simple reason I am already doing these but manually and find it quite quick and easy to find suitable matches to back and lay. Looking at the various methods my method of doing them is generally a mix between the generators method 4 and 5. I do look at the stats of potential selections looking for recent results, last few h2h, do the favourites tend to score early on and star player injuries. I also only stick to the main leagues and am conscious that some leagues throw up more surprise results than others. I leave all cup games and internationals alone unless I am really desperate for a selection.

    When it comes to laying my selections off if I am really confident I won’t lay them off at all eg Barcelona at home vs Gijon they won 6-0 🙂

    If I am confident but not quite as confident above then I may lay inplay once the odds have come in or after first goal. This works both ways though if it goes against you or the favourite is playing crap just suck it up and take the available lay odds and you can make it up in later legs does not happen often.

    Or I may look to underlay the selection from the ideal lay stake.

    If the selection is in my acca but I don’t have a super confident outlook on the game I will just lay it off for the ideal stake.

    Another thing to bear in mind is the order of your selections depending on what is available. I will quite often have high odd selections above evens as the last leg as by then I can just equalise out for guaranteed profit regardless of outcome.

    One of my issues with the generator is a lot of people have been gubbed using this product. Too many people with the same selections. Having multiple accas where only one selection is different from the other acca, too many low odd selections and selections with really out there teams from low leagues on the other side of the planet.

  7. make hay while the sun shines! nothing which earns money lasts for a lengthy period of time before the people you are hurting the most take action against it!

  8. I have agreed an appealing offer with Mike Cruickshank whereby new users can try AG for just £1 for 14 days, after which they’re billed £148.99 + VAT.

    You cancel at any time of course, and the product is backed by a robust Clickbank guarantee.

    The best way to find out whether AG is for you is to try it for yourself – and now you can.

    I really like this product – it’s my only ‘Pass’ in 2016 to date – though you do need to give it time, if you’re going to get the best out of it.

    To get the £1 for 14 days offer, just click here.


  9. I still say this will NOT fool bookies and you will get limited.
    Simple reason there are no mug bookies and mug punters accas are normally over 2 days max, not the 5 day average with acca generator when I was using it.

  10. Irene – another good one is Profit Ninja’s, similar to PM. And I have found Ricky to be really helpful with the stupidest of questions! There’s a review on here along with PM.

  11. Hi Lucy
    Fabulous site and thank you for all of your intesting and useful facts. I have been considering Mikes latest accumulator generator as I finished BB however I am not familiar with accas. I joined PM but found it confusing however not long after I joined I had a stroke so maybe that’s why I found it a bit much. Is it with while joining PM again if is AG a better bet.

    1. Irene

      Thank you for your kind comments.

      At the moment, I’d have to say I prefer PM to AG though they both have something to offer.

      They can both be a bit overwhelming to start with, especially in view of your difficult circumstances. However, they both come with excellent training materials and in the case of Profit Maximiser, there’s a wonderful support group on Facebook.


    2. Irene, rejoin PM as soon as you can because you will not fail to make money. There is over £1k to be made from new account bonuses and then there is an absolute minimum of £150 a month that can be made, a lot more once you become used to the proceedures.

      Never hesitate to ask questions eithe from Mike or the forum, everyone was a starter at some point and they haven’t forgotten that and are always ready to help.

      AG I would leave alone, some people make a few bob but I failed miserably to make a penny, stick with PM

      Best wishes

  12. Instead of creating a sequence of monthly reports, I have decided to update this article a number of times.

    So: I have extended it today to explain the first of the five different trading modes within the product. (Scroll up to see it in all its glory!)

    I will add a view on the other four as additional sections over the next week or so.

  13. Hello,
    I bought this software as well.
    It’s very good, and I started using it to find low odds games at William Hill.
    After a couple of ACCAs they restricted my account, I assume because my ACCAs had some obscure matches in them.

    I also noted that T&C on ACCAs at various Bookies are changing (e.g., minimum odds levels).

    Unless there is a change in the dynamics of the software which would increase my advantage over the Bookies, I will probably not renew my subscription for next year.

    1. John, out of interest, as I use it, and used on WH, how many accas were you placing per week with WH and what staking? What is your normal staking for say a Home win bet?

      1. Hello Francisco,

        My normal betting with WH has been £10 – £25 both football and racing.
        I’ve only done 5 ACCAs with WH (each £50) and these were after I got Accumulator Generator.
        2 lost – giving me 2 £50 free bets
        3 won – giving me a locked in profit of somewhere in the region of £5 each time, because the Betfair losses were deducted from the WH winnings.
        However, therein lies the rub.
        From WH point of view, I’ve robbed them of between £100 and £150 each time and got two £50 free bets into the bargain.
        Also, Accumulator Generator is very efficient at coming up with the best combinations of games for the ACCA, and unfortunately I chose all of the ones which came up – including the obscure ones.

        I also suspect that WH will soon change its ACCA T&C to have a minimum odds.

  14. I would think that the majority of people on this site, have either had accounts restricted or closed with these bookie chappies. That’s why I think AG will be short lived.

    Now if Mike could come up with something for Betfair only?

    Wouldn’t that be something.

  15. AG is great. Using it infrequently so missing 2/3 weekends a time, per bookie, but rather keep my accounts open. Also, not betting on obscure leagues as surely my betting pattern will look suspicious. Just churn a few accas per mth – one per bookie – keep accounts funded – and all goes into the pot of looking to make 10pts profit per month across systems portfolio. Problem I see is if your acca stake of £50 looks out of kilter with your usual staking of say a £5-£10 bet then maybe looks dodgy to the bookie?

  16. I tried this and like Cam think you will struggle to do more than five a week.
    It certainly makes money but fro my experience max of £50.00 per week.
    Most importantly I think the bookies are on to this because bets are placed on random matches/events spread over several days, surely most mug punters accas cover one day or weekend matches.
    William Hill, Paddy Power and Ladbrokes removed acca offers plus other free bet offers from my accounts during 30 day trial.

  17. I must admit I do not think much of AG. I purchased it as like others I have a lot of respect for Mike and believed the sales material.

    I don’t think it’s possible to do the amount of accumulators Mike has stated and even if it were possible you’d have to have a fortune to be able to lay them all on betfair. I would think most people wouldn’t be able to do more than a few accumulators a week and as somebody said previously you have to be very careful they don’t end on the same day if it’s the same bookie. From my experience using AG most accumulators end between Sunday and Monday.

    One final point, I lost money 3 times from just 5 accumulators. The first time was entirely my fault so cannot blame anyone else for that. The second time the bookie changed their t&c’s after I placed the accumulator (yes, it was after as I checked before I placed all bets), they refused to give me the free bet as my accumulator no longer met their terms. The third time I lost money because a match was postponed for longer than 48 hours so the accumulator was no longer covered by their free bet insurance, as again it didn’t meet the terms. Pretty much all bookies state they will not offer the free bet if one of the games is postponed.

    Sorry for the long comment. AG is just not for me and I don’t think the sales material is in any way reflective of the product.

  18. One final comment, the odds matcher needs to be taken with a pinch of salt unless you are using AP and laying all of the bets right away as they are likey to move for or against you by the time the match is layed, although as noted above this usually evens out and your lay bets can be adjusted to suit.

  19. I have been using this product for about three month now and it has already paid for itself a few times over. I use my own method which is between the risk free and advantage play by underlaying most bets which are usually strong favourites and less than 2. You can often build up a good profit and still get the profit plus a refund if one team lets you down. The soft ware is also great for editing and placing you own bets even if they do not come up in the matcher. You can simply select any match that comes up, or search for one in the brilliant betfinder, for a double, treble, etc and substitute your own teams, dates and start times of the games. The software will still organise your bets for you in the order they need to be layed. Make sure to select “bet placed” after they are layed. I also use the filename to add notes rather than the note feature at the bottom of the page as you can see at a glance on the “Reminder” page where you stand with every ACCA. You can add mutiple notes right across the reminder page, all in the filename.

  20. Hi,

    Since PM has been mentioned, is this still going strong or have all the bookies wised up to it and setting onerous conditions?

    If it’s still up and running I’ll dive in.

    Thank you.

  21. I believe the Accumulator Generator to be the finest thing since sliced bread.

    At first it seemed too complicated and Mike I thing failed to get it across to his buyers.

    I have been using it for some time now and have not lost a penny.

    At the moment I have 5 accas running.

    I only use the “no risk” strategy.

    I prefer the £50 bonus bookies and aim for the highest profit – this on average gives me £10 – £12 profit.

    For each accumulator I like to see just one losing leg which then gives me a free £50 bet. I think one bookie insists upon another accumulator being used for the free bet, but Mike has the software for this.

    Otherwise I go for a matched one off football bet, at high odds, to try to ensure the profit is in Betfair to avoid having to transfer over from the bookie.

    This helps as the bookie technically wins and believes I have lost the free bet.

    At odds of around 9.0 I usually make another £40 odd in addition to the accumulator profit.

    I also aim at the few bookies who allow up to 4 free bets per day.

    So far I have had no problems with the bookies.

  22. John – I had the same problem. Had winning accas with WH and PP this year, all at very low odds (typical mug punt you’d think) and promptly restricted. And since restriction WH have had 10x the offers they used to!!

    Betway closed my account a long time ago so somewhat limited with acca placing plus a little worried that I’ll be restricted on other accounts – so this is definitely not something I’ll be signing up for.

    Shame as I made some very good money with those I did – only laying or partially laying the selections where there were doubts, however minor. And not bothering with laying San Marino – for obvious reasons 🙂

  23. I’ve been using this since the start of the year and I’ve made around £500 per month from this system from a maximum of 20 accumulators a week.

    I always use the ‘lock in profit’ system, though I have to note that the EV is not guaranteed to be returned due to odds drifts. I’ve found that so long as the EV is greater than 5, on only one occasion (out of abut 200) has an accumulator in this system actually cost me money (when done properly) when Arsenal was the last leg for their match against Stoke and Mesut Ozil was ruled out of the match, sending the odds on Arsenal from about 1.7 to 2.1. That’s obviously pretty unusual. On many occasions the odds shorten, making you more profit. I’ve had EVs of 10 actually return £20 in profit.

    There are also occasions when you forget to lay off the legs of your acca, and that has cost me around £50 on one occasion, but mostly they are hot favourites to win, so forgetting to lay them usually just earns you a bit extra. It’s not too concerning to realise you forgot to lay off Barcelona or Bayern Munich.

    One thing I have noticed with the bookies is that the terms are getting worse and worse, notably Jenningsbet, 10bet and 188bet with either minimum odds going up. The exception is William Hill, who insure you if one loses and give you a bonus if they all win!

    All in all this is the best system there is for making money from bookmakers in my opinion in terms of abundance of offers and being less likely to be banned. I actually don’t bother with horses or anything else anymore and just rely on this system.

    The downside is the fact it’s more complicated and the risks and potential losses from making mistake are far higher from this system. If you don’t have discipline and common sense, this could be risky.

  24. I would just like to say I have been a member of profit maximiser for 2 years, i didnt really take it serious untill xmas last year, since then (14 months) I have cleared in excess of £60,000 tax free
    If anyone is serious about making money from betting then you MUST get involved starting with bonus bagging and then moving on to profit maximiser, PM has been life changing for me, the only downside is i spend every evening and all weekend sat in front of my computer screens
    As for AG, this is the only product i have not bought, I learned through PM how to back and lay accas to win free bets, so didnt feel the need to have this product, however, many other members have bought the product and are making over £500 extra profit per month

  25. I have been using AG for around 2 months now and YES, I have made good returns. However, don’t think that this is completely risk free regarding your bookie accounts.
    Betway will restrict you very quickly, I think I did three Acca’s and that was it. PP was another one.

    The majority of mine have been placed with WH and the reason for this is due to there Acca bonus, where they give you 10% extra on winning 6 folds. It doesn’t matter if you win with them or not, the calculations are worked out prior to the first leg and you will make between £10-£15 for every £50 you place.

    One issue which I was lucky with is, the insurance is only valid for one Acca per day. If you placed 3 Acca’s that were all finishing on a Saturday then only one would qualify for the refund if they all finished with one losing leg.

    I have had more of my Acca’s win than lose, so I now make sure that there is only one settling each day. I have been using a lot of slots and also placing mug bets, but have now started having my Acca’s referred to a trader prior to them being placed, so I think it’s only a matter of time before I get restricted with WH.

    1. Yes I’m Irish and I would never even use a PP on my local High Street…don’t mind the ”funny, we don’t give a damn” adverts..absolutely the worst for banning you if you win even a few quid…make the little bit you can…your account will be restricted very quickly

  26. Bonus Bagging was great, Profit Maximiser set the standard which no one to my knowledge has bettered but Accumulator Generator is another product off the Mike Cruickshank production line which does not match the marketing hype.

    To succeed you need 1 selection of your accumulator to lose to get your free bet upon which the system depends, note that is just the 1 losing selection. Now with a 4 horse accumulator there are 5 possible outcomes (4 lose, 3 lose + 1 win, 2 lose + 2 win, 1 lose + 3 win, 4 win) so there is only a 1 in 5 chance , 20%, of getting a favourable outcome, with a 5 horse accumulator it is a 1 in 6 chance.

    My experience was that my first 3 accumulators all won which meant I lost money as they are are laid off to make a small loss expecting to make this up with the free bet. Undaunted I continued only for the next 3 accumulators to have more than 1 losing selection.

    Fortunately I was betting small stakes so the loss was minimal but I did not see long term benefits with this system.

    There are marketing claims that others have been successful so I guess it is a case of “suck it and see” but this is no PM.

    1. Russ

      I’m not sure I quite follow. You can win no matter whether all bets come up, or just one loses, or whatever.

      Yes, the maths has to work but to characterise AG as only producing a positive outcome if one leg goes down is incorrect.

      I do agree about Profit Maximiser setting the standard though. It is extraordinary.


        1. Russ

          Yes, the free bet is only awarded if one leg goes down.

          But the product is set up in such a way that you spread the notional value from the free bet across various different outcomes: it’s a greening up effect, analogous to taking value on the exchange from a result that may not actually occur.

          It sounds like you’re not quite using the product correctly. Or possibly it has been enhanced since you first used it?


          1. I can only speak from my experience and with the 6 bets placed all lost me money, perhaps Mike has improved the product since then.

            Good luck though to all who can make money from this or any other system

  27. I’m interested in this but it would be a steep learning curve for me, I think. I would start off with the risk-free method – but are you saying (above, in answer to Sam) that if you have a £50 five fold accumulator you would make only £10? So you have to put on 10 bets, for £10 profit?

    Being new to this I am quite slow, so that is a lot of work for me!

    1. Anna

      No, a five fold accumulator involves placing up to six bets: the original accumulator (placed as a single bet) plus up to five lays.

      However it can be significantly fewer than this, depending on the strategy you adopt and the results of the matches themselves.

      As for the learning curve: well, it’s not straightforward as I’ve explained but the training videos are excellent. The mistake I initially made was to ignore them… not a good idea!


      1. Thanks Lucy, I think I’ll spend a good amount of time watching the videos before dabbling!

        I have to say Bonus Bagging terrified me at the start, but by the end I’d got the hang of it, same for Profit Maximiser, which I don’t spend enough time on at the moment.

    2. Anna i have had accumulator generator for over a month like all mikes products there are tutorial videos on how to use each part of AG and if you are part of profit maximiser there is a great facebook forum with loads of us who will hand out helpful advice

      1. Thanks Paul: I think I need to set aside a few hours to watch the videos before proceeding! I know the FB group, I’ll have to put aside some time to read the posts on there as well.

  28. Hi, Ive used bonus bagging and am about to get stuck into profit maximiser, so I am glad you are reviewing this as ive already had emails from Mike about it. I’m wondering how much you generally need to complete one accumulator of £10? (or whatever stakes you have been using) using the safest risk free method and assuming all the teams are favourites so under 2.0 odds, and approximately what profit this type of bet could expect?

    thanks Sam

    1. Sam

      BB to PM to AG sounds a logical journey.

      Firstly, you probably need to be placing larger accumulators than £10 in order to be able to exploit the bookies’ refund offers effectively.

      Usually, your stake size should be equal to the refund amount. Which in practice means you are putting on £25 or £50 accumulators for the most part.

      Yes, almost all the bets thrown up by the Acca Matcher are on favourites and are almost always priced under 2.0. The bets to place are found for you automatically.

      The profits you can expect depend on the strategy. However the lowest risk (so-called ‘risk-free’) method would aim to produce “around” £10 for a £50 accumulator: though it’s hard to generalise.

      Some of the other strategies can produce more than this – potentially a lot more, depending on how things pan out. For instance, there is an appealing option to cover all your lay bets in one go — trade and forget, if you like — that can produce returns of well over £100 if results go for you. And, played correctly, this one can be as low-risk as any other strategy.

      I am warming to Accumulator Generator as I get quicker at it. To start with, it feels like a lot of fuss for modest returns but it soon becomes repetitive – so it doesn’t take as long.

      There are also some very cool features built in to let you track progress and set up reminders to take the next step. And you get to the point where you can comfortably run multiple accumulators in parallel.

      All very exciting. 🙂


      1. it would be a lot more exiting if the software did what it was promised to do…
        i joined a few weeks ago but haven’t had an acca yet with an ev of £9…

  29. Hi
    I was looking at this one
    I understand the concept but if you are laying off each ‘leg’ over time do you run the risk of the odds moving away from you on bet fair and so creating a loss on the whole ?

    Also if you don’t have a losing leg do you have no profit ..that is you don’t get a refund from the bookie?


    1. Steve

      1. Yes, odds can move against you. Or indeed, for you. The net effect is therefore presumably neutral: you win some and lose others.

      2. The simple answer is “it depends”. There are five different strategies and they work in different ways, from almost-zero-risk lock-ins to advantage play (i.e. betting with the odds stacked in your favour). The latter strategies produce better ROIs but do involve losing runs. The former strategies are predictable and less exciting but produce more consistent returns.

      At the moment, I must confess, I’m having a ball with it.


    2. Best to stick with main leagues and not obscure ones such as south american 2nd division. I also tend to avoid cup games. This is where you are more likely to find odd’s drift. Also I try not to include legs of an acca that are too far apart. eg leg one Mon and last leg a week or 10 days later. I try and get an acca with all legs in the space of 3 or 4 days if poss. This means I am less likely to forget to lay a leg and you are less likely to face odds drift particularly if you have good match selections and stick with the bigger leagues. Please note I do acca’s manually not with Mike’s software.

  30. Sean

    There are five strategies, though so far I’ve stuck with just two: a risk-free one and an advantage play approach. I rushed in to start with and have learned the hard way you do need to take a little time with this product.

    Yes, there is a “lay all” method which does seem particularly appealing from a time-saving perspective. It uses a different calculator and can produce very large wins if you get several legs going down. I don’t understand why yet but the maths seem a bit different… one for a future report!

    I must admit to being fascinated by Accumulator Generator. I’ve had a whole series of losing trials in 2016: and this is the first positive thing that’s happened (with, I guess, the exception of the 1 Point Wins and Winning Way threads). I am also really intrigued to see whether it offers a novel way forward for punters worried about losing their accounts.


  31. From what I’ve read up on this so far, there seems to be a few options regarding how you play out the accas and I think one of them was recently added where you can lay all of the legs at once Lucy (or anyone else who already has the software) but I can’t work out how that is so, unless I’m just having a mental block and it becomes obvious once you know.

  32. I must admit, I don’t understand the product concept that well – if you’re laying accumulators and winning in Betfair, why bother backing them with the Bookie? Acca’s fail for a reason, if you’re identifying value by laying them using the “value” provided by bookie insurance, then straight laying those acca’s on an exchange is surely going to present longer term value. And more of it than insuring that lay with a bookie?

    If you’re using the bookie insurance to cover losing acca’s, those will pile up over time and if they appear in the same bookie, over and over, you’ll surely be limited?

    If you look at other bookie offers that can be used for insurance, bore draw correct score refunds spring to mind for example, it becomes obvious the value in the offer is very poor indeed – or it wouldn’t be available to you.

    That’s not to say the product won’t work, but it’s like saying use a betting bot to place the bets for you and you’ll be a winner – no, the bot does what it is told, the winning comes from bet selection and discipline. Here, you’re told what bets to place, which highlights value, (certainly easier than trawling the markets and finding the bets yourself) but is it as easy to extract that value in the long run? (I’m guessing not, because it looks like manual mistakes are possible and that could zap your value in the long run if it continues)

    So will watch the trial with interest… 🙂

    1. Chris

      You can win at either the bookie or the exchange. I don’t know which will be more significant. But yes, the bookie risks losing overall on account of the value in the insurance.

      However, my point is – there could be enough noise in the data, especially when spread over a lot of bookies, to encourage them to cut you some slack. After all, if you are taking some money off them but in an irregular way – and doing so by using accumulators, of all things, on hot favourites — they are far more likely to regard you as a lucky mug punter and therefore stick with you than if you are just digging up obscure matches for blatant arbitrage.


      1. I bought into Mike’s latest product about a month ago, and have only done about 6 to 8 Accas and have already had the Dear John letter from Betway. So they still don’t want us, even to do arbs with accas I’m afraid.

        As regards to Mike’s product, it is excellent in my opinion, it is a no lose situation and with the calculator you can play around with it to make sure you are in profit with those free bets. It is a good idea to spread your net far and wide to give them less chance to catch up with you. Cause they will eventually.

        1. Well there you I will be gubbed and quite’s what put me off investing in it..very short term gains I reckon…6-8 bets and a Dear John mail?? They are no fools these accountants (wont call them Bookies because they certainly are no such thing)

          They are no doubt very aware of this product…so I guess make a few quid while you can…but don’t give up the day job!!

          Thanks for the heads up!

  33. Excellent write up.
    I agree that accumulator arbing is a great way of throwing bookmakers off the sent and that advanantage play is probably preferable to laying every selection as one missed lay and your losing a lot of your profit.

    1. Thanks for those kind words. 🙂

      I currently have two accumulators on the go: one via advantage play and the other by the no-risk route. And I genuinely have built alerts into my smartphone!

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