MK Horse Racing Tips Review

MK Horse Racing Tips Review

I've just received word that MK Horse Racing Tips has closed down, so that ends my trial early. It's not easy being a tipster and this one has bitten the dust.

Hi guys

You've probably seen this coming but something has clear gone wrong.

I'm closing the service. Betting Gods have agreed that you can transfer this membership to another tipster of your choice, simply reply to this email with your preference and they'll take care of all the admin.

Sorry I let you down,

Update One: 29th December 2018

It's been a tricky start to my trial of MK Horse Racing Tips

The month started really well building up to a profit of just under £180 to £10 stakes before crashing back down towards end of the month.

In total I am £106.80 down at the available prices, but interestingly the service has performed better at BSP with a small profit of 56p.

At the time of writing the service is currently on a streak of 17 losing bets in a row which is the longest it has experienced to date.

MK Horse Racing Tips – Update One Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) (£ 84.60) (£ 106.80) £ 0.56
Profit (pts) (8.5) (10.7) 0.1
New Bank £ 665.40 £ 643.20 £ 750.56
% Bank Growth -11.28% -14.24% 0.07%
Winning Bets 11 11 12
Total Bets 51 51 51
Strike Rate 21.57% 21.57% 23.53%
ROI -14.36% -18.13% 0.09%

Click here to view my results log for month one.


I'm hoping that this dreaded losing run comes to an end soon and hopefully I can report back with some better news next month.

In the meantime find out more about MK Horse Racing Tips here.

I have a new trial underway coming from the Betting Gods stable which operates slightly differently from the usual tipping service.

Introducing my MK Horse Racing Tips review. The service is run by tipster Mike, so I guess that's where the "MK" comes from and not my guess of Milton Keynes!

Anyway.. Mike claims that his service is low risk with high returns. Instead of just backing horses as single bets, he uses a combination of singles and multiples such as doubles, trebles and four folds. The idea is that the singles should keep profits ticking over and the multiples provide the occasional big win to boost profits further.

Here are the stats for the service since July 2018:

  • A profit of £516.58 to £10 stakes
  • £103.32 average monthly profit
  • 18.7% ROI
  • 25.5% Strike Rate
  • 68.88% Bank Growth

The tips are sent out between 9am and midday and there's an average of 40 - 50 each month. Mike also provides a write-up for all of his tips so that we can see the reasoning behind his selections.

I've set up a bank of 75 points as advised and will begin tracking results for the advised, available and BSP prices.

I will be back next month with my first update but in the meantime, find out more about MK Horse Racing Tips here.

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