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Off the Bridle Racing have absolutely smashed it in my three month trial, achieving a huge profit at both the bookmakers and at BSP.

At the bookies, the total profit adds up to 112.74 pts, but it's the BSP results that have stolen the show with a massive 146.21 pts profit. That's the starting bank doubled and well on the way to being tripled!

David has been testing the service at Betfair Exchange for the morning prices too and that made 43.25 pts profit. It's clear that betting at BSP is the way to go with this service based on his findings.

He was delighted with how the trial went...

"Again, BSP is the top scorer. I’ve never come across this before!"

Here are his results for the third month, followed by results for the whole trial:

 BetsWonStrike RateP/LBank GrowthStakedROI
Betfair Results76911.8%23.5043.2%152.0015.5%
BSP Results76911.8%57.14146.2%152.0037.6%
Bookmaker Results76911.8%50.60112.7%152.0033.3%
  Bets Won Strike Rate P/L Bank Growth Staked ROI
Betfair Results 219 27 12.3% 43.25 43.2% 441.00 9.8%
BSP Results 219 27 12.3% 146.21 146.2% 441.00 33.2%
Bookmaker Results 219 27 12.3% 112.74 112.7% 441.00 25.6%

Click here to view my results log.


Being able to bet at Betfair Exchange is a major positive for this service, particularly at BSP, as there is no rush to put bets on so long as they are on before the race starts.

And of course, the big one, there's no worry about bookie account closures or stake limitations.

Top marks for Off the Bridle Racing and a Pass from me.

Update Two: 6th December 2023

It has been an amazing month for the Off the Bridle Racing tips service, especially at BSP, where there was a huge profit of 92.27 pts.

Taking prices at Betfair Exchange on the morning of the races netted 36.59 points profit, and finally, betting at regular bookmakers as advised would have resulted in 58.03 pts profit.

It's been a great month all-round, wherever the bets were placed.

 BetsWonStrike RateP/LBank GrowthStakedROI
Betfair results841214.3%36.5919.8%167.0021.9%
BSP Results841214.3%92.2789.1%167.0055.3%
Bookmaker Results841214.3%58.0362.1%167.0034.7%

Click here to view my results log.


Going by the first month of results for this service, I wasn't sure if betting at Betfair was going to be an option. It's amazing how quickly things can change!

It would be great to see it continue in the same light. I will be posting the next update for this trial in January.

Update One: 1st November 2023

Off the Bridle Racing made 4.11 pts profit in the first month betting at regular bookies, so it's been a decent start, but how about the other side to this trial?

David is running this trial and he is on the hunt for tips services that work at Betfair. He has recorded results for prices on the morning of the races at Betfair and at BSP.

As you can see in the stats table below, the morning prices show 12.84 pts lost and at BSP there was 3.2 pts lost.

It is difficult to find tips services that work at Betfair, but it's too soon to say either way with this one yet.

 BetsWonStrike RateP/LBank GrowthStakedROI
Betfair results59610.2%-12.84-12.8%122.00-10.5%
BSP results59610.2%-3.20-3.2%122.00-2.6%
Bookmaker results59610.2%4.114.1%122.003.4%

Click here to view my results log.


It would be great to see some better results at Betfair next month but it may be that this is just one for the bookies.

Time will tell!

Introduction: 2nd October 2023

Off the Bridle Racing is a horse racing tips service that mainly focuses on the National Hunt season, which in perfect timing, is just starting. 

The service has an impressive record of £5,255 profit to £10 stakes at the advised prices, but what caught my eye was their BSP results, which show £4,340 profit. That's an average £361 profit per month just using Betfair Exchange.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date for the last twelve months:

  • Average £438 Profit Per Month (£10 Stakes)
  • 35% Win Rate
  • 44.2% ROI
  • 10.65 Average Odds

David is going to be running this trial, which means that you are going to get the added bonus of seeing how the service performs using Betfair (current prices as well as BSP).

Like many of us, he has lost most of his bookie accounts, so he is on the hunt for services that work using a betting exchange alone.

I look forward to seeing how he gets on!

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  1. Hi Amy

    Just a quick question, are these points for the win only or are they each way prices? so if 10 pound a point you would need to bet 20 pound on each way? im going to sign up but just want to make sure im doing it right on betfair to back the win or the each way

    1. Hey Kevin, You would need to put 1 point on the Win market at BSP and 1 point on the Place market at BSP if you are using Betfair Exchange. I haven’t tried the each way market, so I’m not sure if that would be the same or not.

  2. I have tried on 6 separate occasions to download your free book how to make a £1000 a month from betting. Have had no success. Can you kindly send me a copy. I read all of your articles with interest. Find them very informative and straightforward. Thankyou.

    1. Hey Kenneth, I sent you a copy of the eBook but I didn’t receive a reply from you. Did you receive it? You may need to check your spam folder.

  3. I have tried downloading your book several times but it does not download it. Don't know why. Find your betting reviews very interesting. £500 per week would be great…
    Thank you & kind regards
    Craig Bradshaw…

  4. I have tried downloading your book several times but it does not download it. Don't know why. Find your betting reviews very interpreting. Thanks.

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