Profit Maximiser Review

Profit Maximiser Review

I review a lot of products on my site, and it sometimes does take a lot of patience to keep plodding on, particularly when things don’t go according to plan.

(If you don’t quite follow my drift, try reading through the First Place Winners thread. It’s been woeful).

So it is a great pleasure when I can find a product about which I have no reservations at all.

And glory be, today is one of those days.

Because Mike Cruickshank has released his latest product…

And if you thought Bonus Bagging was good, you really need to take a look at…

Profit Maximiser.

I love it!! 🙂

Now, it’s going to take me a while to me to review it thoroughly, as I’m gradually working through all the different opportunities that it offers. But in a nutshell, think of it as an entire environment that brings you the best bookmaker, casino and bingo offers in a single place. It’s quite remarkable.

Everything in Profit Maximiser is explained by video. This gives it a  “Monkey See – Monkey Do” appeal that is so reassuring.

You just copy what Mike does and make piles of money!

I’ve actually found myself giggling whilst I’ve been using this product.

Currently I’m concentrating on the bingo offers, something I would never normally consider.

I’m working through a 30 day offer sequence with just one of the many bingo providers, and each day I’m credited with 5 pounds free that I can then enter into an overnight bingo competition.

Sometimes my bingo card wins, and sometimes it doesn’t; but, given that I am playing 5 games a night for 30 days with someone else’s money, I’m almost guaranteed to profit over the course of the month.

And better still, there is no chance at all of losing.

Mike also gives you specific video tips for how to play each game most effectively.

For instance, he shows you how the bingo games can be set up to run offline – meaning, you don’t have to be there to watch them (which is a real blessing for me, as I cannot imagine anything more dull than online bingo).

He also shows you how to navigate the various sites in the most effective way, so that, in this example, the bingo site concerned does not attempt to access my personal funds but instead draws down only from my bonus cash.

Again, all of this is explained in a very simple fashion by the use of video.

I can’t think of a bad thing to say about Profit Maximiser.

I think it’s right up there with Bonus Bagging; in fact, it might be even better.

One thing is for sure: if you loved Bonus Bagging, you are going to adore this.

And yes, before you ask, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t have both. 🙂

The two products do not overlap, but present different, complementary offers and services.

I will take my time with PM, as I plan to progress very carefully, in order to squeeze out every last drop of value.

In the meantime, I advise you to get involved, and see no reason not to recommend it at once.

Profit Maximiser normally costs £147+VAT for a year’s access, but there’s a discount of £50 available, to bring your initial outlay down to £97+VAT.  

You also have 30 days to change your mind if you decide it’s not for you, as it’s backed by a robust Clickbank guarantee.

You can get Profit Maximiser here… 🙂



There is one question I’m constantly asked about Profit Maximiser

– “Is It Bonus Bagging In Disguise?”

In practice, it bears little real resemblance to its older brother.

Now, obviously, at a superficial level, there are clear similarities. But I think the differences are worth exploring, as they will give you a better idea of why PM can be considered a more advanced product.

Firstly, Profit Maximiser is a lot slicker and more ‘modern’ than Bonus Bagging.

For instance, Mike has added two new bonus bagging offers into Profit Maximiser in the last four days, at bookies that aren’t covered by BB.

Now although this probably sounds like an overlap, or ‘more of the same’, it isn’t.  On the contrary, it highlights one of the big differences between the two.

Because the specific processes for extracting the new bonuses are explained, step by step, in video.

The original Bonus Bagging product took you through a generic method, and then pretty much left you to adapt it to each bookie’s (slightly different) site.

Which was fine of course — Bonus Bagging only costs £27 + VAT after all, and returned that investment many times over – but its methods now seem a little dated.

Whereas Profit Maximiser is all about video.  

So it’s ridiculously easy to follow.

It still seems a little amazing to be able to watch and copy such straightforward demonstrations of how to extract money from these huge gaming and bookmaking companies.

Secondly, Profit Maximiser is ‘alive’! – benefitting from the ideas of its members via a Facebook forum.

No matter how good Mike Cruickshank’s customer service may be, his time is necessarily limited. There is, of course, only one of him.

However, PM exploits social media in a way that Bonus Bagging never did, to create a far better experience for its members.

Subscribers are actively encouraged to flag up opportunities in the forum for each other’s benefit: and this is what they are doing, in a mutually beneficial way.

Some of the offers they find can be quite short-lived, so they would probably be too transient for inclusion within a service like Bonus Bagging.

But they are easy enough to exploit via a Facebook forum, with automated trigger messages highlighting when someone has something new and interesting to say.

Better still, occasionally a reader will spot something really special… in which case, Mike himself gets involved.

A good example of this occurred recently when a reader realised how slow a particular bookie was (and indeed still is!) when it came to updating its prices in a particular market (I can’t be too explicit without giving the game away).

Mike realised this was no flash in the pan, and has since produced a complete new video, showing how to exploit this bookie’s unintended generosity without incurring any risk.

He would however have been unable to do this without the contribution made by a very observant forum member!

Thirdly and finally, Profit Maximiser is more flexible, unpredictable and fun than Bonus Bagging.

The older product is really rather repetitive.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with that of course! Particularly as it’s helped a lot of people make quite a bit of money.

But ultimately, you can only get so far with Bonus Bagging.   It’s designed as a ‘one trick pony’.

In contrast, Profit Maximiser is much more versatile and interesting.  And some of the outcomes can be completely unexpected!

Only this weekend for instance, I managed to make almost £60 from a gaming offer, because I was lucky with the way the numbers fell.

I actually made the mistake of not setting the staking level to the minimum amount, per Mike’s instructions, which had the fortunate side-effect of multiplying my winnings!

Now before you conclude that my good fortune proves nothing, realise this:

The worst case scenario, even with my error, would have been a break-even outcome, whereby my initial deposit would have been refunded in full under the terms of the offer.

And so it goes.  You win some, you draw some, with Profit Maximiser.   🙂

With of course the real point being – I haven’t lost one yet!



I am conscious of the fact I am starting to sound like Mike Cruickshank’s personal cheerleader.

So please read my comments within the context of my whole site.

I have tested some poor services here at Lay Back And Get Rich, so it’s naturally refreshing to be able to recommend a couple of products without reservation.

The sales pitch may be hyped… but the bottom line is profit.

Profit Maximiser
Profit Maximiser

All that said, I suppose the ultimate challenge to Profit Maximiser must be whether you should buy it instead of Bonus Bagging.

And the answer has to be a resounding No.

They do different things, and one is a natural forerunner to the other.

The ideal approach would therefore be to buy Bonus Bagging first, then keep some of your profits back, in order to invest in Profit Maximiser!

Mind you, this assumes Mike doesn’t decide to withdraw Profit Maximiser again… 🙂

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  1. I have already signed up with loads of bookmakers (including the big ones) so I will not get the “sign up” offers. Will profit maximiser still be a benefit?



    1. Hey John

      Profit Maximiser is more for reload offers rather than sign-ups, so as long as your bookie accounts are live you will be able to benefit.

  2. Lucy please add this review of Mike’s Profit maximiser..


    Just a quick message to say thank you. I have had my first £2k month (30 day not calendar) since joining here. I feel very naive in terms of match betting since joining here, lets put it this way I have learnt more in a month than in the past year.

    Hope next year is as profitable.

    Kind regards

  3. Hi Lucy

    Thanks. I haven’t decided which to go for, PM or Oddsmonkey. I have heard when joining PM, we get sold some software separately. How much is it?

    1. James

      I genuinely don’t know and Mike does have a habit of making periodic offers. However it is not insignificant and it highlights the fact that a strange read-across between the three products you mention is not always possible.


  4. does sound interesting, i would sign up to profit maximizer to become a member, only if it had the option of paying by paypal,

    I will not give my personal bank details to sign up, i been scammed so many times that i would not take the chance even if it does sound promising

      1. I would go for it Jason. Mike is as honest as the day is long, you have no worries about trusting him. I signed up for my 2nd year in January and wouldn’t be without it. It’s not only a great way to make money – I have £100 of free bets sitting in my accounts this morning just from doing the Derby offers on Saturday – but it’s a great community. Mostly it’s business, but we have a laugh too and when times are hard, whether it’s a cancer diagnosis, beloved pet dies or you’ve made a mess up on one of your bets, people rally round and give you support.

    1. Daniel

      I’ve looked at that system before and, though I can’t remember the details, I remember some very loud alarm bells ringing. If memory serves, it wasn’t the sort of thing I’d take seriously.


  5. How many years will profit maximizer work?Can it work for 2 years and make something in the region of 35k?Or its just 18-20k for 1 year.Also are profit maximizer offers diffret from the one of bonus bagging

    1. Daniel

      I don’t know if anyone really knows the answer to your first question. I think the expectation is that the service is effectively open-ended, but of course it’s only as good as the offers it seeks to exploit. If, I suppose, in some unforeseen future, the bookies, casinos and bingo companies decide to withdraw their offers, then the thing would stop working, I guess. So there is no guarantee, but it seems likely to work for a long time yet.

      Re question 2, I can be more definite, as the PM offers are (almost?) always different from the Bonus Bagging ones. They are also typically different in character, taking in bingo, casinos and so on, whereas Bonus Bagging focusses on creating arbs from bookie signon deals.


  6. A warning to anyone signing up for this – but not on the service itself.

    When I joined I was offered other sites from which to receive emails – betting rant etc. I ticked the boxes thinking they were offered by Profit Maximiser so the emails must be a worthwhile read.

    Since then I’ve been receiving a lot of junk mail on how I can make £000’s a week etc. I’ve had the same email address for years, have always been careful and never had a problem until this.

    I’m not blaming Profit Maximiser – I have to assume it was one of the other sites.


  7. Mike was moving house over the last couple of days I believe, he warned members there may be a day or so of lack of internet for him. All sorted now again. Great service!

  8. Thanks for the reply Lucy,
    I got an email from him today, the email server was being moved because the old one crashed.



  9. Hi Lucy.

    Firstly, you have got a great site here with some nuggets in them, and you are refreshingly funny as an added bonus too!

    I just singed up to PM but can’t get hold of mike on the PM or BB emails stated, they just keep sending back the emails as failed.

    Do you have an alternative email that I can get hold of him so I can get added to the FB group please?



  10. Hello,
    I have accounts on international books with my Brazilian ID.Does anybody know if i will be able to use Profit Maximizer since i leave outside the UK.
    In other words…
    Is it made FOR UK only?

    1. Thanos

      Welcome to my site, nice to have you with us.

      Unfortunately I think Mike’s PM product is focussed on the UK only. 🙁

      I suspect some of the products would work elsewhere but certainly not all of them. And, certainly at one stage, Mike used to exclude other countries explicitly from this product.


  11. Bernie,

    Stop umming and ahring and get PM. If you cannot make your money back in one week – you are being very lazy.

    However – Bonus Bagging first

    1. i have stopped and i did join tony early days yet but no rush i work all day so sometimes hard to get stuck into it at present



  12. hi lucy just found your site very very good but you knew that already,
    i have been umming and arring about PM and i have never done casino or bingo but matched betting i have done a lot of, is PM really that good and as risk free (money back is not happy) as it sounds,
    Also just to say stan james are still at it 8 losing bets between 10-25 pounds and one winning one and yep account closed due to betting patterns. Ah well onwards and upwards



  13. Hi Lucy, i have just purchased this but not received username and password, there is is contact information, can you help at all please?



  14. Hi

    I’m fairly new to all of this. I’m currently bonus bagging and have started reading your free book today. With profit maximiser (probably my next step after bonus bagging) is it likely to get accounts limited?

    Many thanks

    1. Jamie

      It’s possible, but far from inevitable. Of course, if all you ever do is exploit 2nd/3rd place refunds and the like, it’s possible that the bookies will eventually get fed up of you. But a lot depends, oddly, on how your bets fare. If you’re laying off bets to extract bonuses, you may still make the bulk of your profits on the exchange – if you’re ‘lucky’ enough to lose at the bookies.

      Beyond this, remember that with PM, unlike BB, many of the offers aren’t bookie-related. They include casinos, bingo; all sorts of things. So you may just end up losing accounts you probably wouldn’t have wanted in the first place.

      Finally, Profit maximiser users continue to report long-term profits. It genuinely seems to differ from BB in that profits seem to last.

      In short, I still think it’s great. 🙂


  15. Hi Lucy

    How is PM going for you? You say you only dip in sometimes, but why not use it more when you can win. It isn’t the same for normal betting where there is risk, which probably means your systems must be doing very well.

  16. I am currently in Australia wanting to start up profit maximiser. I have a uk bank account and uk address would this mean I will still be able to use the service over here?

    1. Robin

      I think the simple answer is – probably yes, but Mike also (probably) would say it’s at your risk.

      That said, it’s a clickbank product, so… I guess you could always claim a refund.


  17. Yes, Penny, I’m an Aussie and share your frustration.
    I wonder if by subscribing there may be techniques that might be learned and then translated to the local scene. This was definitely the case with Bonus Bagging as, though seeming obvious after being told how, the method was adaptable locally very profitably without any prompting from Mike, while many of the opportunity alerts he flagged were/are inaccessible here.
    Any user comments would be very welcome

  18. Hi All

    Sounds interesting but I live in Australia and Mikes states that this would not be useful to anyone living outside of the U.K.

    What if I sat up all night a couple of nights a week. Would that work?

    Would love to give it a go.


    1. Maybe, maybe not.

      Some offers will work and some won’t. And I don’t think Mike could really be bothered to figure it all out so he erred on the side of — probably not.

      It’s only like UK users using Australian bookies. It’s all a bit hit and miss, unfortunately.


    1. A lot. It depends how much time and effort you can put in and what offers are available that suit you. I’ve made over 1k for the past two months, having started with a bank of less than £100 six months ago.

        1. In my case, no. I made £350 in September, £300 in October, £1,000 in November & £1,800 in December. It all depends on the bank you have and what offers are on in any one month, not to mention how many offers you take up. I took a LOT of money out of one casino last month before I was banned from future promotions.

  19. Dave,

    No, I haven’t… have you? I haven’t actually used Profit Maximiser in over a fortnight… I tend to use it in bursts. In fact, this is one of the main ways it differs from so many of the services I trial. Most of them require a degree of discipline – you have to place your bets every day and record them in a log etc. However Profit Maximiser is more just something you can dip into whenever you fancy some extra cash.

    @Alex – There are plenty of new offers on the Facebook group, though they can be very short-lived. I’d recommend getting a Facebook account just so you can access it.

    When you have bought year-long access, it can become a bit like gym membership – always forgetting to use it as it’s always there. Then you end up going mad in the last month, trying to make up for lost time! Try not to be that person (though I know I’m prone to precisely this!).


    1. Oh, yes, Lucy! I’ve made many hundreds from that offer – another £35 yesterday I’ve taken part today and I’m planning to do so tomorrow as well, even if the Sportsbook side has banned me from future promotions :-).

  20. Hi Rick and or Lucy I am a member of PM but do not use Facebook too much are there any offers I should look at currently.

  21. Used PM since it started and have had a lot of success – I’ve made over £4000 investing less than 1 hour a day. Maybe Mike Crunchanks is underselling the system a bit?

    I knew a fair bit about matched betting before joining – gained knowledge about bingo and casino which used to worry me – now I can attack with confidence – and even enjoy them!

    The forum is good with lots of helpful people – but why do I never see you talking Lucy? 😉

    1. Rick,

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to my site.

      That’s really impressive, well done! Though it’s interesting to hear someone accuse Mike of under-selling!

      There’s a simple answer to your question: I’m not allowed to!

      I was given free access by Mike on the understanding I didn’t comment on the forum. I can look but not touch.

      I think he saw a potential conflict of interest – in effect, by being on there, I might attract some of his readers away perhaps? Not quite sure but have been as good as my word. 🙂


  22. I’ve got nothing but praise for both Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser. Bookie Blowout is another story entirely, though. I’ve only been a member for three days and I’ve received 18 e-mails about bets. However, several of those were with bookies that have closed my accounts, two Bet365 ones had already seen price cuts and, of the ones I could get the price (about 6), half of those I had to trade out for a loss and the others made a small profit, much less than the “average” 30% claimed.

  23. Hi Vic….too true…I have more or less stopped using Bookie Blowout because of the time and frustration involved. I got onto one bet last night just because I was at the computer and the bet came through and surprise, surprise the odds hadn’t changed by the time I got on the site. But I am certainly not prepared to give up my whole evening.

  24. Hi Dave, I would just like to echo your comments relating to Bookie Blowout, of which I have been a member for about three months. Very time consuming, very frustrating a great deal of the time because the odds have changed, evenings fully taken up, and possible bets start coming through from 1900 and continue until very late o’clock. You are also then busy the next day checking on bets you did get on, to hopefully lay lower to realise a profit. Not worth considering (based on the time and effort involved and the frustration factor) unless (as you quite rightly state) you have got a reasonably sized bankroll in your exchange account, as a high number of advised bets have high odds, which will obviously require a sizeable liability. I have personally stopped using it, based on the above.

  25. To follow on from Scott’s question about Bookie Blowout…I am a member and find that although the system is sound, you have to be ultra quick to get the odds quoted by the bookies, therefore the system is only good if you are prepared to sit all evening in front of the internet with all the likely bookie sites open. And you need LOTS of money in your exchange account to lay. A sound system but very frustrating and time consuming

  26. I’ve been a member for almost 3 months and have just passed the £2,500 profit mark. I put a few hours work into it a day, but it’s easy work and actually quite fun. The Facebook group is really invaluable and there are so many helpful people on there. If anyone’s questioning joining up, just do it, you’ll make the yearly subscription fee back within a day or two.

    1. Is that for PM Elizabeth? that’s incredible profit.

      Did you start with a large bank and what offers are the most profitable in your opinion.

      1. Hi Scott, yes it’s for PM. About half of the profit has been from bingo offers, the rest is a mix of casino offers and bookie sign-ups/reloads/special offers. The level of profit I’ve made also isn’t unusual – there are quite a few people on the forum who have made about the same, some who’ve made more and some who’ve taken it slower and made less.

        Re. the bank – I didn’t really start with an “official” bank. I had about £2,000 that I could move around accounts in order to take advantage of one of the bigger sign-up offers, but other than that it’s not really been necessary. The bingo and casino offers don’t require a big bank, and there are plenty of smaller bookie offers to do first in order to build your bank up if you need to. The thing to remember is that PM isn’t like other “systems”, so having a bank doesn’t work in the same way. PM’s a collection of offers that you can dip into as and when you’ve got time.

        A couple of people have joined the forum and complained that the offers can be found by yourself, so what are they actually paying for with PM? And, yes, you could find the offers if you had the time to scour the internet for them. But PM brings them all together, and tells you exactly how to do them. The support you get from other forum members is great and has certainly given me confidence to do offers that I’d never even have looked at before (mainly the bingo and casino offers).

        1. Thanks Elizabeth. I joined PM yesterday so it’s very early days for me yet. I’ve already made £10 within minutes by using Mike’s first offer. Had a look on his facebook page and it does seem full of very helpful people along with many offers to take advantage of. Looking forward to the next few months!

  27. Im a gentleman-what can i say :). In my opinion BB and profit maximiser are very similar and since profit maximiser has been released i only get very few BB emails. I know Mike has to make a living but as they are so similar i feel that any BB members shouldve automatically been upgraded to PM for free, but that said its still profitable, i just dont see why theres the need for the 2 seperate systems as they operate on the same principles.
    Anyway please find below an example email from Bookie Blowout:

    Hi Paul,

    Date: 05/10/2013 16:35
    Location: Redcar -> 1m2f Hcap
    Bookie: Stan James
    Horse name: Paris Rose
    Stan James Back odds: 6.5
    Betfair URL:
    Lay odds: 5.5
    Available: £11
    1) Back Paris [email protected] with Stan James.

    2) Tomorrow when the lay odds have dropped, use the Calculator to work out the lay stake.

    Date: 05/10/2013 16:35
    Location: Redcar -> 1m2f Hcap
    Bookie: Bet365
    Horse name: Paris Rose
    Bet365 Back odds: 6.5
    Betfair URL:
    Lay odds: 5.5
    Available: £11
    1) Back Paris [email protected] with Bet365.

    2) Tomorrow when the lay odds have dropped, use the Calculator to work out the lay stake.

    I cant comment on the profitability of it yet as ive got too many things on the go so havnt started placing any bets yet. I have had a look at a few of them and like a lot of arbs you will need lots of dollar to do this. The idea as you can see from the example is that you back the suggested horse if the odds quoted are still the same and then lay the next morning when the lay odds have dropped further, making more profit from the arb-i will pull my finger out at some point and make a start.

  28. HI Dave, Very much appreciated that you have chipped in. Very interested to learn that you started with a small bank of £100, and to be £700 in front after a couple of months (plus a Kindle Fire) is obviously not to be sneezed at. I have made a reasonable amount of money from Mike’s Bonus Bagging, but nowhere near the expectations that he alludes to in his promotional blurb, which in my opinion made outrageous claims that were unnachievable. Having said that though, Bonus Bagging is a good system, and whilst I have used up all the bookie bonuses, still get further emails from Mike from time to time with further bonus bagging offers which are all informative (particularly now that videos are included) and all of them have made a profit, and it all mounts up. I just don’t like hype ( and he uses this to promote Profit Maximer as well) particularly as there is no need for it. Anyway, I am going to give it a go. I have a bank of around £300, and I was worried that this might have been too low as a starting point.

    1. Vic

      I can only agree with your comments about BB. Some of the claims seem unwarranted to me too, especially as the product is incredibly profitable anyway.

      That said, I still think you will find Profit Maximiser to be a bigger money-spinner than BB. It doesn’t need overblown hype; it’s more than good enough as it is.


  29. Bookie Blowout isnt a system as such-mike emails out horse arbs every evening-you back the horse and then lay off the next morning.

    1. Scott,

      No, Mike wouldn’t share it with me!

      I think he may be concerned about liquidity; and doesn’t really need the traffic that my site would probably generate.

      No doubt it will be backed up by Mike’s usual energetic customer support.


  30. Hi Lucy, A very interesting read. I have read a few reviews on profit maximer, and have found yours the most informative. As a user of this system yourself, would you be so kind as to provide an update of how you are getting on. When you started using the system, the bank you started off with, the profit you have made to date, and how often you use the system. Thanks.

    1. I know you asked Lucy, but I’ll chip in here. I’ve been doing this a couple of months now and started with a small bank of, effectively, £100. I’m currently in excess of £700 ahead plus a Kindle Fire I won at one of the bingo sites. I’d done quite a few bingo and casino sites in the past so that’s a pretty good return from a relatively small bank.

      1. Vic

        Thank you for your kind remarks.

        My bank was £300, though it’s interesting to note Dave’s comments on this. All a bigger bank really lets you do is run several offers in parallel.

        I first started using PM in June (when I drafted this article), and have made just over £600 since.

        I am sure I could have made quite a bit more but I do tend to dip in and out. I’ve noticed that the people making the biggest profits are much more focussed on it than I’ve been.

        The Facebook group is particularly important if you are to generate an ongoing income. Many of the best offers are quite short-lived, so it pays to stay in touch with the latest ones as they are published there.


  31. Scott

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    In answer to your questions ..

    1. I think you could reasonably start PM with £500, maybe even a bit less.

    2. Yes there is always a small chance of getting banned, but then I’m not sure why that would be a disaster. Many of these obscure bookies and casinos are of limited longterm appeal anyway. You’d effectively be getting banned from clubs you’re currently not a member of, and maybe haven’t even heard of.

    3. I have lots of accounts and still managed to make plenty. Also, this isn’t just about bookies. There are lots of bingo and casino offers that you can exploit with PM.

    It’s a remarkable product, with very little downside I can see. And of course it’s covered by a clickbank warranty too


  32. Hi Lucy, I’ve been reading about PM for the past hour or so across different review sites and such,and I’m definitely going to give this a go.

    Just a few questions if you don’t mind…

    What sort of bankroll do you need to maximise profits?

    Is there a chance of getting banned by any of these sites if you make too much?

    Do you have to be a new member to take advantage of these offers? I’ve already got quite a few bookmaker and casino accounts that I have opened over the past few years so I’m not sure If I would qualify for all the offers?

    Great website by the way,very very useful. Keep up the good work!


  33. Aren’t you fed up with people who want everyting on a plate but with no effort. Whereas its true you can work just as hard to lose £200 as to win it if you put no effort to understand a system [ and there is no easier system to understand than Bonus Bagging] then you shoud ask yourself are you cut out to be a sports trader.


  34. Thanks, I may give it a go, I just find it hard to keep track of multiple bookie offers. So would therefore much prefer more instant offers or just stick with one offer over time, which sounds a bit like the bingo offer you describe.

    Thanks again.

    1. Good luck with it Bobby.

      The other thing I didn’t mention is the extensive use of video in the product. It makes it all very easy to follow.

      I know Profit Maximiser has been hyped to death across the web (or is it just me who is wondering how to design a rule for my inbox that routes PM offers to spam!?).

      But it is really good. And very, very profitable.


  35. Hey, I have been using Bonus Bagging for a little under a year now and I have never really made real profit from it but this is because I don’t commit to it as I get tired of making a bet, waiting for it to be settled, waiting for the bonus to be credited, then making another bet and waiting for that to be settled, as this can take a few days to fully complete offers. Is profit maximiser different from this and can i make more instant cash?


    1. Bobby

      Well, the bookie offers aren’t different at all, but the casino ones are much more immediate. Some of the bingo offerings require a degree of pre-planning however, so that might put you off!

      Perhaps the most motivating part of the PM experience comes with the Facebook group. Members identify (often short-lived) offers and encourage each other to follow them up. This does add a sense of fun and camaraderie which might spice it up for you.


    1. I make a small amount of commission if you click through to Mike’s sales page from my site, and buy his product. Hopefully this doesn’t affect the independence of my reviews. It has no impact on the price you pay.

      Read the amount of systems I’ve assigned to my Neutral and Failed folders if you don’t believe me. Clearly they generate no click through commission ever, and I’ve run individual trials that last up to a year.

      A further perk of running a site like mine is I get systems for free, so I can trial them for my readers. So yes I’ve made a lot of money with PM, without buying it. But my daily experience is still effectively the same as regular customers.

      I can assure you, commission isn’t going to make me rich, but it does help finance the very time-consuming trials I run of rubbishy products!


  36. Ok thanks.

    Is there still a trial period on offer?
    I’ve followed matched betting for years but can’t see how this will differ.

    What’s different?

    1. Ben

      Yes you get a full no-quibble clickbank warranty so there’s no risk involved.

      It’s a lot more than matched betting. Yes there is an element of that – including several bookies I didn’t have – but there are casino, spread betting and bingo offers aplenty.

      The standout features for me are

      – extensive use of video to make offers easy to exploit

      – use of private community group in Facebook, so you now benefit from the eyes and ears of the whole group, constantly flagging up opportunities

      It’s basically a whole different level from Bonus Bagging.


  37. Just a quick personal update. I started on the bingo offers as I’ve previously done a lot of the bookie offers and, after 11 sites , I’m up £280 plus a Kindle Fire, which I won last night. I’m not sure what kind of figure you could expect to make monthly, but there are quite a lot of reloads posted on the Facebook group, so I imagine there’d be an ongoing potential for making money.

  38. About bonus bagging. The sales page said it would generate 500pounds a month. It wouldnt as we will run out of bookmakers. Would Pm be the same a good return in investment but then less to work with?????

    1. James

      I’ve always thought that particular claim about BB was a bit overdone, and regard it as a good way of making a decent pile of cash on a one-off basis.

      There are reloads of course, and new bookies come along from time to time, but I’d be surprised if many of Mike’s customers are making £500 every month from BB.

      PM might suffer from similar problems in the long run, but there’s no sign of it doing so yet. If anything, I believe the opposite may apply… Namely that new, often temporary, offers crop up so often that it can be difficult to stay on top of them all.

      PM is about a lot more than bookie offers. It’s bigger, more imaginative and more profitable than BB, and very likely far more sustainable too.


  39. Hi. Lucy im from the Caribbean and really dont mind part taking in this wonderful offer, but regarding to BB is it open to the Caribbean? and also Profit Maximiser?

    1. Matthew

      Lovely to have you with us, I don’t recall any commenters from the Caribbean before.

      Mike is pretty clear-cut that Profit Maximiser is for UK users only, however I think the picture may be more complicated for Bonus Bagging. I will try and find out.


      1. Matthew

        Mike tells me that neither product is available in your part of the world. But Bonus Bagging can be purchased outside the UK.


        1. Thanks but a question again Mike stated that Bonus Bagging can be purchased outside the UK, does that include his support also? when i mean is that if i purchase it do i have the same entitlement as other persons who purchased it before

          1. Matthew

            I think the answer in principle is yes, but there will be differences in the bookie offers that are available in each country. I therefore recommend you write to Mike to clarify what’s on offer in your country.

            His email is [email protected]


  40. I really do like Bonus bagging. I was really enjoying until when I went to request new bet. It said I used all the bookmakers. I have made a profit on bonus bagging and I would like to try Profit maximiser. Of course some bonus offers, you needed a lot more funds to do, which I didn’t do. I haven’t done any of the casino offers in BB yet. I am not going to say how much I made from BB. But it isn’t really close to what others are saying. That could be me, may have not fully used up the product such as casino offers and the emails Mike sends on new offers etc. But I was surprised to see I run out of bookmakers already, as I have been using BB on and off.

    1. James,

      £100 !

      With that kind of nose for a bargain, I suspect you are precisely the sort of person who is going to love PM… 🙂


  41. Hi,

    Seems you are doing well Dave. Can someone help here, do the Profit Maximiser games/bingo use flash player of some sort. My computer is not doing what it should. I can’t even get onto live casino on sites. Bonus bagging only requires a computer with internet connection. I was wondering what PM required for it to run.

    1. James

      Strictly speaking, there are no “Profit Maximiser” bingo or casino games. All it really does is show you which of the myriad of betting entertainment sites you can profit from at either zero risk, or something close to it.

      Some of the sites you’re pointed at will inevitably require Flash player to operate properly, and therefore, if your machine cannot support it, you may find your opportunities restricted somewhat.

      An average £350 laptop should be more than powerful enough to meet Profit Maximiser’s needs.


  42. Four bingo offers done and I’m net £50 up after paying for the product (so £147 up overall). So far, so good, I’d say.

  43. Ralph

    It’s nice to hear from you as ever, though the circumstances are both disappointing and surprising.

    I’ve forwarded your comment on to Mike Cruickshank and will attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution. I’ll be in touch as soon as I have something to say.

    Thank you for your kind comments about my site/service.



    I’ve just received a message from Mike, where he explains that you don’t appear to have been opening his emails. He adds that, “The only ones Ralph has opened (green plus sign) are from Bonus Bagging. Sounds like a communication problem”:

    Email screenshot from Mike Cruickshank

    Are Mike’s Profit Maximiser messages going to your Spam/Junk folder perhaps?


  44. hi lucy, i joined profit maximiser back in june. i”ve sent them 3 short emails but received no reply or any other corrospondence. so despite the general praise for this service, its certainly has not been my experience. no complaints about your service though, which is excellent. regards ralph

  45. Hi Lucy, how are you?

    I have a question on Profit maximiser. In Bonus bagging, when we join a new bookmaker, we sometimes have to verify with I.d. I can’t place any bets, slowing the system down. That is the only flaw in BB, not really the fault of the system though.

    Is this the same in Profit maximiser, which we have to take time to verify our age?

    1. James

      I’ve only experienced this problem once to date with Profit Maximiser, and it didn’t cause much delay as I keep scanned copies of my driving licence and passport on my PC.


  46. I would normally stay clear of ” money making” offers but Bonus Bagging was recommended to me by my Son, so I had a go. £200 profit on my first day. I made a few silly mistakes along the way but with Mike,s support and guidance I learnt my way around back bets and lays and became more confident and made better wagers. When I heard Mike had a new product PROFIT MAXIMISER, I signed up straight away. It is astounding how many Bookies give you their money to wager with, AND LET YOU WALK AWAY WITH THE PROFITS.
    From join up bonuses, special sporting event offers, Casino and slots, there is a wealth of offers out there and Mike has guided me to make the best of them and avoid the “dodgy deals”.
    Like any system it is not entirely foolproof, I have wagered following Mikes tips almost every day since April and I have had only TWO losing days, both around £14. Compare that to the days that I have profited over £200. Certainly not foolproof but in my opinion you would be a fool to miss out.
    Unlike a lot of systems that I have heard about who just sign you up, give you the basic info and leave you to it, Mike is always an email away, With his training videos on just about every offer, a really instructive live webinar and our own members Facebook forum where we all share the latest offers and advice, I feel that I have not just bought a product but joined a very friendly and profitable community.

    Thanks to Mike and all my fellow PMers, long may it continue.

  47. Hi Lucy, I know Mike has closed this to new members but I was wondering how you are getting on with it.



    1. Neil

      I’ve now made money from 2 bingo offers, 2 casinos, 1 bookie, and 1 financial spreadbetting company. I’ve also had a break-even outcome on another casino, where I had a 50:50 chance of winning something and – unfortunately – came down on the wrong side of the coin.

      Still, I’m £82.50 up, and have not really got going. Profit Maximiser is designed as something you can dip into whenever you like, though there is definitely the risk you never quite get round to it. Or maybe that’s just me..

      I will post periodic updates, but I remain as upbeat as ever. The bingo offers on their own are a huge resource that I still haven’t got my head round. But there’s plenty of time.


  48. Again, thanks for your reply. I have decided not to arb..seems too uneasy and difficult. I like BB so far but arbing full time, bookies closing accounts cant be dat fun.

  49. @James i started with 1k but u can start at any bank. go small if your new. Professional arbers go for thousands per bet. their account only last for few days but they replenish it buy opening accounts using other people’s ID. How much you wanna arb depends on what mode your on. If you want to be slow and steady and keep your account long lived, never go for anything more than 50 and dont arb on second division or low tier games. if u want to hit them hard before they close your account, go for few grands on your first bet. your account will be gone soon but u get a decent return.

    If your new its better to go for small stakes such as 10. Arbing isnt precisely risk free, human errors happen or some arbs are gone when your gonna place them. You don’t want that to happen when you are arbing up to grands. you can get caught with an open position and that is very risky.

    To keep your account long lived, you can mix your arbs with your punts. Another trick is to arb in play. You can get on huge up to 300-400 with in-play arbs and not raising suspicion. Finding them is difficult enough tho.

    Do not arb straight away after you create your new account. Leave it or use it for punts for 1-2 months before you start arbing. Usually this will keep your account longer.

  50. I tried to sign up on Thursday and it was already closed. Then I was sent another advertising e-mail from Mike on Friday – don’t know why he was still sending them out if he’d closed the offer. Very disappointing.

    I also wonder what will now happen to Bonus Bagging customers? It seems that any new offers that come up will go through the Profit Maximiser site, so being a member of Bonus Bagging isn’t really much use anymore.

  51. Thanks for reply chan. What kind of bank should someone start with the BB software and how much typically do we make per arb? Am not going for profit maximiser.

  52. i sent mike the email but he didnt reply. it isnt the first time he didnt reply my email tho. im not blaming him he most prolly has hundreds of email to reply everyday hahhaha

    anyone here purchased the profit maximizer? mind sharing some info about how it is?

    @James, the BB arbitrage software is great. definitely worth every penny. the real challenge is how to maintain your bookies account and prevent it from being restricted. lol. when u start arbing eventually the bookies will notice your betting pattern and close your account, its almost inevitable, just that some bookies are more sensitive than others.

  53. Just a quick note – Mike is likely to close down sales of Profit Maximiser very soon… possibly on Friday. And I have no idea if/when it will reopen. I think he is working 24/7 so is probably about to explode! 🙂


  54. i’d got both mike’s product. they’re both more than worth the money, not sure about this anyone tried it before?

    1. Chan

      It was only released yesterday, so only reviewers and beta testers have any experience of the product. But it has similar virtues to Mike’s other products, plus it comes with a 30 day warranty.


  55. Hi…it seems very similar to BB or is it different..Would we need to keep track of bookmakers like we do in BB? Could this new product be better than the arb software system? Looking forward to more reviews on this… Thanx…

    1. James

      I think it is both similar and different, if that isn’t too confusing!

      There are offers from bookmakers, casinos, spread betting and bingo sites. As I understand it, none of the offers is duplicated in BB, though some clearly resemble what’s on offer there. So if you’re familiar with BB, you’ll have no trouble picking Profit Maximiser up.

      The use of video however makes this a much more flexible product. It allows Mike to include more complex offerings that he would probably leave out of the basic BB product. You can follow exactly what he’s doing, and you simply copy his actions.

      Thus, bingo offers are something I would never have looked at, but with this level of support, they become straightforward. And I had no idea there were so many of them. One company featured on Mike’s site has no fewer than 50 such offers.

      And remember – some of these offers themselves are multi-layered… such as the one mentioned in my article above, which produces a $5 daily bingo credit for 30 days.

      The site is also intended to grow over time. Mike tells you which bonuses are worth starting with, then proposes a sequence to help you progress and learn. He says he will add more offers during the year; so I think the concept of an annual membership makes sense.

      Profit Maximiser is less about a one-off blast of bonus bagging, and more of an ongoing source of offers you can continue to exploit over time. So whilst you’re busy working through one set of offers, another set should be being loaded up right behind it.


    1. Dan / Pedro,

      I think, for some of the offers, you may well need a UK address as well as a VPN. It could vary, but Mike is probably keeping it simple by stating in his sales page that this product is intended for UK customers.


  56. Regarding the ‘only available to UK users’ question, I contacted Mike last night regarding this issue as I use a VPN (Virtual private Network) for Bonus Bagging and Betfair and everything works well because the bookies think that your computer is in the UK. He said that using a VPN is fine as he does so all the time. So I’m signing up today. I hope this information is of use.

    1. Steve

      Thanks very much for your comment.

      If you could perhaps come back with an update in a week or two to let us know how this is working out, I think a lot of people would appreciate it. 🙂


    2. Hi Steve,

      If you’re using a VPN, the bookies think that your computer is in UK, but you have you address as not in the UK!

      Couldnt that be a problem?

      1. Hi Pedro,

        The address is the other side of the equation and I do have a UK postal address but I just don’t spend much time in the UK. As far as having a postal address outside the UK I’m not really sure how that would work. Most bookies seem to be fairly happy if your credit/debit card’s registration or renewal address is in the UK. I’m afraid I can’t offer any other info than that.

    1. I’d like to know this too. Lucy – are you able to say who some of the other bookies are that are covered by Profit Maximiser that weren’t in Bonus Bagging?

      1. Elizabeth / Mick,

        Maybe that’s a question you could throw at Mike directly ? His email is [email protected].

        One idea might be to give him a list of the bookies where you’ve been restricted, and let him advise whether any of them are on his list?

        In any event, I understand that none of the offers in Profit Maximiser is in the standard BB product.

        Be aware also that this isn’t a bookie-only product. Far from it. The bingo offers alone go on and on and on. There are also casino and spreadbetting offers. See my response to James below too.


  57. Hi Lucy. Mike’s new product sounds good and that but isn’t it similar to bonus bagging? How sustainable is the methods, in BB, you can run out of bookmakers..

  58. As a footnote to the above, I should add that there is a lively forum that comes with the product, that’s now up and running on Facebook.

    It’s a closed group – that is, you can only get in if Mike approves you – which he promises to do in 24 hours but actually took just minutes in my case.

    I think the idea of a forum is excellent. So many of the offers differ in small ways, so users are bound to have questions. It seems a friendly place, and Mike is available to answer questions for everyone’s benefit.

    The other side to this is that Mike realises he doesn’t have the monopoly on great ideas. Anybody spotting an offer that he’s unaware of can raise it in the forum, so we all benefit.

    It’s looking very good at the moment, though I notice poor old Mike described himself as “mad busy”. I’ll bet!


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