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ProFooty Bets have delivered the best performance by far that I have ever seen from a football tipster with a 57.2% bank growth during my three month trial. 

Geir is what I would call a football betting genius!

He delivered a profit in all three months of my trial and not only was I able to make more profit than at his advised prices, I tracked even more profit just using Betfair Exchange alone.

My total profit for the three months was £571.75, or 57.2 pts, with a 33% return on investment.

At the available prices I managed to make £110.40 more profit, or 11.04 pts. At Betfair Exchange I made £175.30 more profit than the advised prices, or 17.53 pts.

The baseline profit was good enough in itself, but I'm really impressed with how much extra I was able to achieve.

These are really simple bets in liquid markets, so there's no trouble getting bets on. I have seen football tipsters produce these sort of results before, but they are often in obscure leagues and prices are cut quickly. 

Geir often picks out bets on underdogs and it is surprising how often they win. He's able to find the value as favourites are usually way underpriced, pushing the odds out on their opponent.

It's not a case of simply backing every underdog though. Geir's system is quite selective with an average 30-35 bets per month, but being selective really works in this case.

The World Cup 2022 has been ongoing during my trial and Geir has been providing bets for it on a spreadsheet. These tips have generated an extra £151.50 profit, or 15.15 pts so far. An added bonus!

ProFooty Bets – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair
Profit (£)£ 152.75£ 206.75£ 221.40
Profit (pts)15.320.722.1
New Bank£ 1,461.35£ 1,571.75£ 1,636.65
% Bank Growth46.14%57.18%63.67%
Winning Bets999
Total Bets272727
Strike Rate33.33%33.33%33.33%
ProFooty Bets – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair
Profit (£)£ 461.35£ 571.75£ 636.65
Profit (pts)
New Bank£ 1,461.35£ 1,571.75£ 1,636.65
% Bank Growth46.14%57.18%63.67%
Winning Bets323232
Total Bets989898
Strike Rate32.65%32.65%32.65%

Click here to view my results log.


I had a good feeling about this service, being familiar with Geir's tipping ability from his past service. I couldn't wait to see how ProFooty Bets would perform during my trial and it more than met my expectations.

It's so easy to follow, with no nonsense. You just receive the tips by email in plenty of time and put the bet on, without any hassle trying to find a bookmaker that will take your bet. 

It even turned out to be more profitable betting at Betfair Exchange. That's almost unheard of!

I have had comments from readers saying that they thought the service was a little pricey and it's true. Geir's service is more expensive than the average tipping service, but it is also much more profitable. 

It's a case of "you pay for what you get". Personally, I would rather spend money on a service that I had absolute faith in than spend a smaller amount that may well end up going down the drain.

ProFooty Bets gets my full approval and a PASS with flying colours!

Update Two: 4th November 2022

ProFooty Bets have produced another great set of results in month two of my trial and my allocated betting bank of £1,000 is up by a healthy 36.5% now.

Geir seems to have a talent for finding good value bets and stakes them carefully to get the most from them.

My favourite tip of the month was Viking v Molde - Over 4.5 Goals. Although the Match Odds bet didn't come off, it finished 4-1 to Molde so the goals bet won for an overall profit. Fabulous!

ProFooty Bets – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair
Profit (£)£ 158.25£ 185.00£ 223.00
Profit (pts)15.818.522.3
New Bank£ 1,308.60£ 1,365.00£ 1,415.25
% Bank Growth30.86%36.50%41.53%
Winning Bets121212
Total Bets414141
Strike Rate29.27%29.27%29.27%

Click here to view my results log.


There has been an amazing performance from this service in my trial so far.

Can Geir make it 3 out of 3 months with a profit? I'll be back with more results next month.

Update One: 6th October 2022

My trial of ProFooty Bets is off to a flying start with a 33% return on investment in the first month. I made £180.00 profit based on a £10 per point stake.

I have also been checking the available prices at Betfair to see if I can just bypass the bookmakers and just use a betting exchange for this service.

It has worked out well so far with £192.25 profit. This is before any commission has been deducted, which in my case would be a 2% deduction.

ProFooty Bets – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice takenBetfair
Profit (£)£ 150.35£ 180.00£ 192.25
Profit (pts)
New Bank£ 1,150.35£ 1,180.00£ 1,192.25
% Bank Growth15.04%18.00%19.23%
Winning Bets111111
Total Bets303030
Strike Rate36.67%36.67%36.67%

Click here to view my results log.


It's been quite refreshing to find a football tips service that doesn't just bet on favourites at low odds. This tipster clearly likes to look outside the box and find value in underdogs.

I hope that next month will be just as profitable.

Introduction: 13th September 2022

I have started a promising football tipster trial this week and if you have been around in the betting scene for a while, you might find this one familiar.

ProFooty Bets is a tips service covering worldwide football leagues and popular markets like match odds, over/under goals and Asian handicaps.

The service is run by Geir, who once ran a similar service at Betting Gods a few years ago. His results show 82.33 pts profit since March 2022 using a maximum of 5pts staked per bet.

My predecessor, Lucy, trialled Geir's old tipping service, Pro Footy Tips, in 2016. During the trial she banked £810.80 to £10 stakes with a 10.68% return on investment.

He has since left the Betting Gods team to start his own service and he has also put together a couple of football systems, Over/Under Football Trading System and ProFooty's Tabletrick.

He also runs the ProFooty betting school, where you can learn the tricks of his trade in a series of Zoom lectures.

I will just be trialling the tips service for now but hope to be able to cover the eBook systems in a future review.

I am including European bookmakers in my odds checking for this service, but I am also going to be noting down results at the prices available on Betfair. From what I have seen so far, the prices are usually slightly higher at Betfair for the tips but of course, you will need to factor in commission afterwards.

I'm really looking forward to this trial and hope to be able to give Geir's new service a pass rating.

Geir asked if I would like to interview him, as a way for you and I to get to know him a bit better and find out more about what he has to offer. I gladly accepted and you can read it below!

Interview with Geir

Hey Geir, thanks for offering to do this interview. It is great to get to know a tipster better, as so many are secretive about who they are and what their service is really all about.

Nice to be with you Amy, as I have looked forward to explaining my services more in detail.

I believe ProFooty stands out from the crowd as a football tipping service since I go against the flow and bet mainly unfancied outsiders. Those who know ProFooty from Bettinggods may know my style, and ProFooty 2.0 is about the same, but with slightly fewer and more high-limit picks and hopefully even higher ROI than the 18% I did back then (1000 picks).

Approaching 100 picks now and ROI about 50% makes me optimistic even if there’s a long way to 1000 picks. I aim for 25 %, which most people find outrageous, but this is actually within reach with my experience and such a high odds average.

What is really crucial for the public to know is that I post very fair and available odds, for everyone to grab. For prices keep up and usually even increase closer to kickoff, after my morning post.

Also, since I pick mainly games in liquid leagues, and never based on team news, it should be quite easy to obtain a higher odds average than what I record.

What they should also know is that the service will be more volatile than those picking favorites, so subscribers should be patient during losing streaks.

I believe there was a four digit number of punters signing up for trial in August 2016, but an immediate losing streak put most of them off. But then again, I suppose the average punter is just expecting too much too soon. You need to hang on for at least 3 months with any service.

Can you tell my readers a bit about yourself and how you got involved in the world of football betting?

To make a long story short…it started 35 years ago as I discovered fixed odds betting. I always fancied football, the pools and statistics, and then…wow, fixed odds ! Love at first sight.

Which took me through an amazing journey of team betting, editing a football/betting paper, running a betting shop, running a sports betting fund for investors, joining a startup as bookie in Malta, and finally as the internet grew I got curious about to start a tipping site.

Then I observed so many poor services with unrealistic odds and availability, mainly due to being based on team news and favored teams. So clients would experience stress to get on early, and much lower prices on average.

I came across the Bettinggods site and decided to do a proofing period with them, resulting in the ProFooty service. Unfortunately, after 2 years and 1000 picks we had grown apart with regard to maintaining a healthy cooperation.

What is it about football betting that stands out for you, rather than other sports?

I guess it’s mainly about taking interest in the sport itself, and how I got under the skin of teams and leagues and how they are trending.

Betting on football is easy, available, there are games every day and I gradually found a way of using trends, statistics and team psychology about 18 years ago.

I developed a unique mindset about how to scan through upcoming games, and now my picks are based on 90% method mixed with 10% intuition (experience).

In your opinion, what makes a good tipping service?

Added to what I said earlier, you still need to be humble - both as a tipster and human being. You need to treat paying clients well, even if they come screaming about bad results.

It helps being willing to learn even at my age, and not getting complacent at winning streaks.

Your service should be transparent and honest, delivering at time, and avoid bad excuses if something’s up. Clients should know what to expect, and you need to consider that some of them are actually trying to make a living out of sports betting.

But my advice to those is still: Don’t! You need to balance that side of life with a community outside and even a paid job. It’s about keeping your mental health and not getting too close to what happens on the field.

It never helped me to watch games, it’s all about final results!

Do you make a living from betting yourself?

I should answer this improper question by giving the audience a tip on money management. All tipping services suggest a stake level, but what is a unit?

With my service you really should affix the denomination of one unit to the less liquid of leagues I bet on. If not, maybe you may suddenly get on with only a tenth of the stake you had planned for, and thus establish bad routines and get confused, unhappy and even superstitious.

I’ve been there myself, and you don’t want that.

Maybe not that you peril one specific service’s profits much, but you deviate from what should be a robot-like staking plan to keep up discipline. Any deviation in staking patterns is a threat to your mental betting health, as it makes you more exposed to mood deviations and hunches.

Discipline is a key word at both sides in this industry, and it’s difficult because betting originally is about impulses and intuition. As an ambitious punter you need to be calm and content, and stay sane through the inevitable losing streaks.

Ok then. I can live from sports betting, but what about 2019 and most of 2020? Could you?

Without my saved funds I would have been reliant upon my work teaching students about business administration.

Keep in mind that the world itself is also a vulnerable scheme.

You have a couple of systems available to purchase right now, aside from your tipping service. Can you tell me a bit more about those?

For explaining briefly the main three stat-methods of mine I have made a small E-book, or rather a leaflet. So far only one is available. They’re all included in the school programme.

Also I had time to try out some live trading approaches during the pandemic, and found some interesting things. That’s why I now offer an excel-based system for trading the goals.

I turned 95% payback betting over/under into 107% by trading the position, for a long period.

It’s a very basic excel-sheet with text and formulas, as I’m no expert at excel or layout, but it describes in detail what you should do, and you could easily develop the layout further.

I didn’t follow up after my 250ish games test, as myself I normally like to do quite other things in life while they’re playing football out there. Things I couldn’t do during the pandemic.

I see that you also run the ProFooty sports betting school. I'd love to hear more about this!

As you get older, you’re more willing to share!

I can confirm this old saying. ProFooty betting school never struck my mind until the pandemic hit us and I searched for alternative plans for the future.

When I finally put the plans into action I felt unexpectedly happy about being able to share my methods and mindset with other punters. If they could adopt my mindset and make a living out of sports betting that way, that would make me happy.

That’s also why I don’t charge more than what mainstream courses do.

My classes are live at Zoom, nine lectures of one hour, or dialogues as I like to call the lectures. For more information on the content for the autumn classes, contact [email protected] for 10% off the fee.

I may also arrange for a free webinar or two during the winter, and with a limited number of participants at Zoom I will admit subscribers first.

Do you have any future plans for ProFooty?

I believe I have come where I was meant to, in a way. I may retire from my teacher job next year, confident that I have lots of other things to do. Hopefully ProFooty betting school will then be full of students so I can diversify my home business more.

Another book, 30 years after my first one - may become a project…

At least I will continuously deliver tips as I am now on my own, and not at some tipster platform. My ultimate dream is to bag 10.000 ProFooty picks at 25% ROI, come 2040. Call me crazy, but now I’m ready to aim for the sky 🙂

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  1. Managed 1 winner out of 22 selections in December. Absolutely pathetic and he charges £99 per month. He's consistent though – he's started off January with 0 winners from 2 selections. Probably the worst service I have ever seen.

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