Quick Fire Betting Profits Review

Quick Fire Betting Profits is a portfolio of betting strategies that you can pick and choose from them to match your lifestyle.

It comes from Andrew David, who you may recognise as the creator of the ever popular Little Acorns and the Triple Lay Cash Drop systems, both of which were given passes here at Lay, Back & Get Rich.

He claims that with just three of the systems running together, you could make at least £900 profit per month from as little as an hour a day.

The idea is to mix and match systems that suit you, whether it's based on your available time, money or the level of risk you are happy to take.

The initial sign up cost is 4.95 + VAT for 30 days and this gives you access to the "Investment Starter Kit", which is a collection of 10 betting systems to get started with.

Time For Profit System

This is a half-time football strategy with simple filters and insurance against losses. It is said to make an average of 7 – 10 points (£70 – £100) profit per month using one match per day and £10 unit stakes.

Anti-Expert Profit System

This system involves going against the experts’ tips is said to make an average of 8 – 12pts per month (£80 -£120) using £10 unit stakes.

The Bullion Golf Method

This system offers an easy way to make money from golf. Although it can't be used every week, it still has to potential to generate good money with one member reporting £1,470 profit from £20 stakes.

All Weather Profits System

This is a simple live horse racing strategy that is said to make an average of 15 - 20pts (£150 – £200 a month) from £10 unit stakes.

The 10 Min Profit Hunter

This is a football system based on matches where there are over 2.5 goals. It is said to make an average 12 - 15pts per month profit (£120 – £150 per month at £10 units).

3-2-1 Horse Racing

This is a coverage staking method that aims to nail the winner more often than not. Used once a day it could make up to 14 points per month (£140 at £10 units)

Football Golden Filters Strategy

This "Lay the Draw" football system uses Andrew's golden filters to gain an overall edge. One member reported an average $40 profit on every £100 invested.

The USA Racing System

This system began life during lockdown when there was no UK racing, but apparently it worked so well, it was kept as part of the portfolio. The idea is to profit by following repeated patterns in USA racing.

A Nice Little Earner

This started out as a bit of fun on a Saturday using Lucky 15 bets but ended up landing some big wins. One member reportedly came away with just under £7,000 from it!

Cash Out Repeater

This system aims to double your winnings from late goals using an angle on the in-play markets. It is said to make around 10 - 12pts per month (£100 – £120) using £10 unit lays.

The systems come with video tutorials so that you can see them in action and learn to use them easier, although they do come with full written instructions too.

There is also on-going support on hand from Andrew if you need it.

If you decide to continue on from there as a monthly subscriber, you get a further 2 systems each month for £24.95 + VAT. The first 30 days also has a money-back guarantee.

As well as the Investment Starter Kit, you also get a monthly newsletter from Andrew with the latest betting techniques and bookie loopholes.

Within the member's area you will find a section called Profit Plans. These are segments that are released monthly and you have instant access to all the past ones.

They often contain webinars, betting theory and extra systems to try out.

There are some great little earners included in the starter kit and plenty to get going with, all included with the risk-free trial. You get a lot of bang for your buck from this service, that's for sure!

Personally, I am a big fan of portfolio betting and have added to the service to my passed systems.

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  1. Hello Amy

    Why have you added Quick Fire to the passed systems when, from what I can see. you didn’t test any of the betting systems recommended within the portfolio?

    You use words and phrases like ‘reportedly’ and ‘it is said’.

    Or have I missed something?


    1. Hey Ron,

      My reasons for passing the service were:

      a) It’s a risk-free trial, so you can effectively get the systems free of charge in order to paper trade them.
      b) With many of the systems, my results would vary from anyone else’s results so I didn’t feel it would be useful to include them.
      c) I have reviewed several of Andrew’s products and have been pleased with them, so I trust that what he comes up with isn’t rubbish and has been well tested.

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