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Statomater has made it three winning months in a row, bringing my total profit for the trial up to £573.57 to £10 stakes.

One thing that I am ultra pleased about is the Betfair SP results. Below I have listed BSP results to include the multiples bets, which would have to be placed at bookies. 

However, if you take the multiples out completely, at Betfair SP the service has still produced £771.77 profit.

That means that by betting solely at Betfair Exchange, without any Trixies or Doubles, the service has produced more overall profit than by betting at the bookies.

Below is a monthly breakdown of BSP results (no multiples):

  • Month one: +£362.96
  • Month two: +£217.96
  • Month three: +£190.85

You could just view the multiples as an added bonus, if you are able to place them.

Below are the stats for month three, followed by stats for the whole trial:

Statometer – Update ThreePrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 247.34£ 270.41
Profit (pts)24.727.0
New Bank£ 1,573.57£ 1,913.61
% Bank Growth57.36%91.36%
Winning Bets2929
Total Bets102102
Strike Rate28.43%28.43%
Statometer – Whole TrialPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 573.57£ 913.61
Profit (pts)57.491.4
New Bank£ 1,573.57£ 1,913.61
% Bank Growth57.36%91.36%
Winning Bets6565
Total Bets266266
Strike Rate24.44%24.44%

Click here to view my results log.


It has turned out to be a fantastic trial for Statometer and I'm thoroughly impressed.

They have managed to produce a very respectable profit over three months and the long-term stats look really good. 

The volume is easily manageable, unlike some of Tipstrr's other tipping services, so if you are looking for a lower volume of bets, this is much more suitable.

If high volume is your thing, check out Underdog Racing Tips, which I just recently approved.

I'm happy to give my approval to Statometer and I'm thrilled to have found something that could be an option at Betfair.

Update Two: 1st August 2023

Statometer has had another good month, producing £145.34 profit at the prices available, so I am up to £326.23 profit for my trial overall.

At Betfair SP, I made £238.75 if including the multiples (placed at bookies) or £217.96 if excluding them completely.

It's fair to say that betting on the selections as singles at BSP is going quite well with £580.92 profit in two months.

Statometer – Update TwoPrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 145.34£ 238.75
Profit (pts)14.523.9
New Bank£ 1,326.23£ 1,643.20
% Bank Growth32.62%64.32%
Winning Bets2525
Total Bets101101
Strike Rate24.75%24.75%


Click here to view my results log.


It has been another solid month for Statometer and it would be great if he could keep this nice run going.

I'll be back with my third update early September.

Update One: 1st July 2023

It's been a really good start to my trial of the horse racing tips service, Statometer. At the available prices, I made £180.89 profit with a 26.19% return on investment.

The service usually advises 2-3 bets each time and then combines them into a multiple, which is most often a trixie or a double bet.

I was lucky to experience a winning trixie bet on the second day of my trial, which put me in good stead for the rest of the month.

For the BSP results, I have included the multiples with them, but please note that these would have to be placed at bookies. Without the multiples, the BSP profit adds up to £362.96. I will keep track of both throughout my trial.

Statometer – Update OnePrice takenBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 180.89£ 404.45
Profit (pts)18.140.4
New Bank£ 1,180.89£ 1,404.45
% Bank Growth18.09%40.45%
Winning Bets1111
Total Bets6363
Strike Rate17.46%17.46%

Click here to view my results log.


A really positive start from this tipster and remarkably, he has achieved this while dealing with health issues that have landed him in hospital a couple of times during the month.

I wish him well and hope that he can keep up the excellent work.

Introduction: 28th May 2023

Statometer is a horse racing tipster on the Tipstrr platform who scours the stats to find value selections, which are then posted to the website and sent via email.

Since joining Tipstrr in April 2022, Statometer has made a total cumulative profit of £7,839 to £10 stakes.

They provide mostly single horse racing bets but include some multiples too. Both show a profit but the multiples have made the bulk of the profit, with exotic style bets providing the best returns.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • £7,839 Total Profit (£10 Stakes)
  • Average £560 Profit Per Month
  • 25% Win Rate for Singles and 22% Win Rate for Multiples
  • 10.8% ROI for Singles and 75.2% ROI for Multiples
  • 5.85 Average Odds for Singles and 141.61 Average odds for Multiples

The tips are generally sent out in the morning between 8.00-9.00am, although they sometimes arrive in the evening too.

I'll be running the trial for several months and I will report back with my own results monthly.

With there being exotic multiples involved with this service, my Betfair SP results are going to be irrelevant so I will just be recording results at the advised and available prices.

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