SVB Tips Review: Update One

SVB Tips review

It has been a difficult first month for David in the first month of his trial of SVB Tips, as he has struggled to get the advised prices in his Betfair Exchange test.

Betting at the regular bookmakers tells a different story, with 23.56 pts profit and a 15.4% ROI.

It would seem that these bets have been mis-priced by 1 or 2 bookmakers and the tipster is taking advantage of that.

Here is what David had to say:

"I am quite concerned that, generally, I could not match SVB’s odds for its football tips on Betfair, and this shows in the results. This is unusual because, generally with football tipsters, I find that I the odds I get on Betfair Exchange are, there or thereabouts, those given by the tipster. 

I tried placing the bet as soon as I received the email from Tipstrr but this made no difference – the odds had still dropped, at times by quite a lot.

This of course may be a glitch because it is only based on around 100 bets. We’ll find out as the test progresses. I abstracted the horse tips to see if the same applied there, but there was only a 5% difference between my results and those of SVB Tips, which is very acceptable.

SVB also boosts its recorded results on horse racing by claiming BOG, and this is not my experience with most tipsters.

 BetsWonStrike ratePLBank growthStakedROI
Betfair results1495536.9%-5.94-1.8%149.00-4.0%
Bookmaker results1535837.9%23.5624.5%153.0015.4%

Click here to view my results log.


It already seems that this service isn't going to work using Betfair looking at the contrast in results so far. It is still early days though, so let's see how it goes.

David will be sending an update over to me early next month, so be sure to check back then!

Introduction: 11th October 2023

SVB Tips has been around on the Tipstrr betting platform for almost five years and has made a total cumulative profit of £15,057 to £10 stakes.

They are quite different to most of the other tips services on the site, as they are a multi-sports tipster covering football, horse racing, tennis, e-sports, darts and basketball.

Football and horse racing are the most popular, making up the bulk of the tips sent out.

Over the last twelve months, they have achieved 10 out of 12 months of profit.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date for the last twelve months:

  • Average £299 Profit Per Month (£10 Stakes)
  • 37% Win Rate
  • 21.4% ROI
  • 3.63 Average Odds

David is going to be taking this trial on, so there will be results at the Betfair odds to compare with.

I look forward to seeing how he gets on with it.

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