Tennis Engine Review

Tennis Engine review

Tennis Engine is a Windows based program used for automating tennis trading on Betfair Exchange.

It differs from regular trading software as it comes with built-in tennis trading strategies that can be applied to any match available on Betfair.

Trading tennis can often be time consuming as it requires you to be at the computer, keeping an eye on scores constantly and sometimes having to watch the games too. This software is designed to solve this problem by doing all the trading for you.

At the moment there are eight strategies available but there may be more loaded in the future. The developers are also open to suggestions from users for strategy ideas to be added to the bot.

  • Strategy 1 - Lay player if a break up in the first set and hedge the trade if match goes back on serve, failing that hedge at end of set.
  • Strategy 2 - Lay player if won first set and hedge trade if is broken in 2nd set.
  • Strategy 3 - Lay player if won first set and is a break up in 2nd set, hedge trade on break back.
  • Strategy 4 - Lay player if break up in 3rd set, hedge on break back.
  • Strategy 5 - Back player if losing 0-40 on service game, remove trade liability at 30-40, hedge at end of service game.
  • Strategy 6 - Back player if losing 0-40 on service game, remove 25% liability at 15-40, remove 25% liability at 30-40, remove remaining liability on 40-40, hedge at end of service game.
  • Strategy 7 - Back player at start of each service game in first set, hedge at end of set.
  • Strategy 8 - Lay player in first set if price is less than starting price
Tennis Engine interface

After selecting your chosen tennis match, up to three strategies can be applied to each player. Sometimes the strategies won't be suitable for a certain game, so it's advised to do some research rather than trading blindly.

There are plenty of free tennis stats websites around, or alternatively TradeShark sends out daily tennis trading advice via email which could potentially be automated using this software.

Once you have selected which strategies to use, all there is left to do is to hit the "Start Trading" button and the bot takes care of the rest.

It's a nifty little tool that, if used responsibly, could make trading tennis a cinch.

The Tennis Engine software is available from as little as £18 per month, which seems like excellent value with the amount of time it could save.

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