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Tennis Profits is a tennis trading service offering all that you need to make a profit from tennis on Betfair, including stats, strategies, and live trading sessions.

It has been put together by three of the biggest names in the betting and trading industries.

You may have already heard of Goal Profits, the football trading service that has won an amazing 21 Betting Oscars here at Lay, Back & Get Rich over the years.

Tennis Profits is a collaboration between Steve Brown from Goal Profits, Matt Bisogno from the Geegeez horse racing website, and Paul Shires from the legendary tennis trading service, TradeShark Tennis.

The trading aspect of the site is run by Paul, who is the tennis trading expert of the team.

He runs live trading sessions in the chat room on a regular basis, so that you can learn how he trades tennis matches and follow along. This is a great chance for beginners to learn the ropes, and even if you are a seasoned trader, you are sure to pick up a few tips and tricks from the sessions.

Tennis Profits Paul Trading

Paul also posts his daily predictions and suggested trades in the member's area, which includes some stats and his analysis of the matches.

If you are new to tennis trading, there is a complete beginners "Getting Started" tennis trading course. Again, for those who are not beginners, there's still lots of useful stuff in the guide that you may not have covered before.

Next is the stats element of the service. Player Stats covers the top 900 men and women tennis players, and there are trading statistics for all ATP, WTA, ITF, and Challenger matches.

The Live Stats tool has been custom-built for tennis trading, making it ideal for monitoring matches in-play and quickly being able to spot profitable trading opportunities.

The service offers the most comprehensive set of tennis stats that I have ever come across in one place.

There is also a portfolio of tennis trading strategies such as "Back The Server" and "Lay The Leader". With the sheer amount of statistics available, it is easy to find the best selections to go with the various strategies.

Finally, there is ongoing support to make sure you get the most out of the service.

Tennis Profits has to be the best tennis trading service out there. Nothing else comes close! It gets a PASS from me.

Read on to find out more about some of the tools that Tennis Profits has to offer, or click below to get started.

Tennis Trading Course

The tennis trading course covers everything that you need to get started with tennis trading.

It starts with what could be deemed the most important topic, and that is mindset. This is something that many traders struggle with, whether they are just starting out or have been trading for a while.

This section contains some solid advice for getting your brain into the right gear to be able to handle the highs and lows of trading. Be sure to read through this part!

Next, there is a section on bank management, which is another really important topic. You will discover the six rules of bank management here and find advice tailored to whether you are a beginner or more experienced.

Following this, the next few sections cover trading rules and tennis basics, and then it gets to the meaty part of how tennis trading works and even a flow chart of Paul's thought processes.

Finally, there is a frequently asked questions section, including a video from a streamed Q&A session.


The strategies section is the bit everyone gets excited about. Well, I did anyway!

There are seven tennis trading strategies in here, and these are methods that Paul has been using himself for many years, so you can be sure that they are tried and tested.

Each is described in detail, and where relevant, there are notes on the exact stats to look for in the Trading Stats database to find potential trades for the strategy.

There is also a huge video archive containing past live streams demonstrating the strategies in action.

Trading Stats

The Tennis Profits tennis stats database contains all of the key stats for players and matches, but it also includes stats that are difficult to find anywhere else.

By simply clicking on an upcoming match, you are presented with everything that you need to know to be able to make informed trading decisions.

The stats can be filtered by the surface (hard, indoor, clay or grass), by date range or amount of tournaments.

There is pretty much every tennis stat that you can think of in here. It's a tennis trading gold mine!

Live Stats

The Live Stats is a different beast to the main trading stats, but equally useful.

The trading stats is more for researching matches before they have started, so that you can create a trading shortlist, whereas the live stats are for spotting in-play opportunities at a glance.

A handy feature is being able to add matches that you are interested in trading to "My Matches". For me, this helps me from being distracted or tempted to trade other matches that aren't on my trading shortlist.

Tennis Profits Live Stats

The alerts highlight important moments of the matches, so you can apply one of the strategies for trading them.

There are video guides for how both the trading stats and live stats pages work, which I would definitely recommend taking a look at before you get started.

Live Trading Sessions

Finally, there are the live trading sessions provided by Paul.

These take place regularly, perhaps once or twice a week, in the Tennis Profits chat room. The chat is always open, so you can hang out with other members and discuss trades whenever you like.

There are two types of sessions that Paul runs, trading sessions and live streams.

The trading sessions are where Paul will post his trading moves live in the chatroom, so that you can follow along with what he does or just watch.

Tennis Profits Live Trading

In the live streams, you get a view of Paul's screen, so you can see him trading in real-time.

It's another useful way to see the thought process he goes through, which you can learn from and eventually apply to your own tennis trades.

Tennis Profits Live Stream

Either way, both of these are a great learning opportunity to see how he puts the stats to use in live trades.


I can't think of anything more that you could need from a tennis trading service, apart from someone doing it for you!

There are all the stats that you need, ready-made trading strategies, live sessions, and full support from an expert trader. I would say it is easily the best tennis trading and betting resource out there.

If you are ready to start making money from tennis trading, Tennis Profits is the place to go.

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