The Basketball Geek Review

The Basketball Geek pulled out all the stops for the return of the NBA and delivered an excellent profit.

He made £151.20 profit at the available prices which meant that the total for my trial finished at £473.20 profit to £10 stakes.

This was total bank growth of 63.1% and a fabulous achievement in just three months.

Now this is all well and good, but there are some issues that I need to point out with this service.

Firstly, being based in the UK, at times I had problems finding the markets for some of the matches and you will see in my results that I was unable to bet on 20 of the advised tips.

This was simply because I couldn't find them. Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough, but when there are somewhere up to 10 bets a day sometimes, I cannot spend ages going through each bookmaker looking for a particular game.

So, if it wasn't listed on two of the odds comparison sites that I use, I just classed it as a "no bet" for myself.

For European or US bettors, these markets should be much easier to find and I wouldn't expect it to be an issue.

The other problem was lines and odds changing quickly. This didn't cause too much of an issue, but sometimes I found the handicap lines had moved slightly which could have affected the payout.

The Basketball Geek – Update ThreeAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 114.40£ 151.20
Profit (pts)11.415.1
New Bank£ 1,222.90£ 1,223.20
% Bank Growth63.05%63.09%
Winning Bets10094
Total Bets214194
Strike Rate46.73%48.45%
The Basketball Geek – Whole TrialAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 472.90£ 473.20
Profit (pts)47.347.3
New Bank£ 1,222.90£ 1,223.20
% Bank Growth63.05%63.09%
Winning Bets231224
Total Bets478458
Strike Rate48.33%48.91%

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Despite the issues that I have noted, I was still able to make slightly more profit during my three month trial than I would have at the advised prices. This is down to me, luckily, missing out on a few losing bets in those few that I couldn't find.

With just under £500 profit, an ROI of 9.9% and a 63% bank growth, I am happy to report a "pass" for The Basketball Geek.

Update Two: 22nd July 2020

It has been a tough month for The Basketball Geek in part two of my trial,  but luckily, I was able to just about break even at the available prices.

My results ended with a small £3.10 loss, but at the advised prices I would have made £30.60 profit.  You can see where not being able to get the quoted prices is beginning to show a difference in profit/loss.

The lines are quick to change in these markets and this time, it meant a winning bet for the service was actually a losing bet for me.

The Basketball Geek – Update TwoAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 30.60(£ 3.10)
Profit (pts)3.1(0.3)
New Bank£ 1,108.50£ 1,072.00
% Bank Growth47.80%42.93%
Winning Bets5251
Total Bets110110
Strike Rate47.27%46.36%

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There are some issues arising with this service with regards to achieving the quoted prices and lines. Also for UK customers you are limited with the amount of bookmakers offering the markets at all.

Bets for the 23rd June only came through 30 minutes before the start of the games, so could easily have been missed.

This is something that I will be bearing in mind when it comes to writing my final review.

Update One: 22st June 2020

The Basketball Geek has put out an excellent performance in the first month of my trial, achieving a 43.4% bank increase.

He tipped winners on a daily basis and ended up netting (sorry!) £325.10 profit to £10 stakes. The ROI for the month was a healthy 21.1%.

These are fabulous results, but I am slightly concerned that not everyone is going to be able to achieve the same profit. The reason being, the tips are usually sent out in the morning at around 8.00am and it's important to place the bets ASAP.

If you haven't placed them within the first half an hour or so, you risk not being able to get the right odds or the points and handicap markets may have changed.

The Basketball Geek – Update OneAdvised PricesPrice taken
Profit (£)£ 327.90£ 325.10
Profit (pts)32.832.5
New Bank£ 1,077.90£ 1,075.10
% Bank Growth43.72%43.35%
Winning Bets7979
Total Bets154154
Strike Rate51.30%51.30%

Click here to view my results log.


It's been a brilliant start to my review and I hope that results continue in the same fashion into month two. I will be back in July with another update.

Introduction: 22nd May 2020

The coronavirus shutdown has affected many sports, but it's been a great opportunity to discover and try out different betting markets.

I've been delving into the likes of eSports & Darts and now there's another sport on my radar - Basketball!

Betting Gods have been proofing The Basketball Geek, also known as Steven, since November '19 and his results have certainly made an impression.

He has 160pts profit banked, 58% of his bets have won and he has achieved an equally impressive 21% return on investment. He hasn't had a losing month yet, with 7 out of 7 profitable months.

That's all flat £10 stakes which works out as £1,610 total profit and an average monthly profit of £230.

He covers basketball games from around the world, from Turkey to the UK, and of course the NBA. This includes both mens and women's leagues with a range of betting markets.

There are an average of 100-110 tips per month, sent out between 8.00 - 10.00am. They can be accessed by email, in the member's area or through the Betting Gods app.

I will be back next month with my first batch of results recorded at the prices available as well as those advised.

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  1. I paid for this subscription through bettinggods, got the picks two days in a row.
    The odds are ridiculous, odds of 6.1 actually can get through the sites stated 4.3. This happened for basically every pick which makes this system not profitable. I can create a system myself and inflate the odds and it will be profitable every month.
    Ive had a few subs through this site and everytime I dont know where they get the odds from. I expect this in racing as they are very volatile but not in basketball.

    1. Hey Shane, I also had trouble getting the advised prices during my trial, but I did still manage to make a profit. I found that OddsPortal was the best for odds comparison.

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