The BSP Tipster Review

The BSP Tipster review

Unsurprisingly, the plug has been pulled on this service, so....

Update Two: 7th January 2019

There's been no improvement in results for The BSP Tipster in month two of my trial and it's turning out to be a bit of a disaster.

I've lost £588.60 to £10 stakes in total which is more than half of my bank.

The Betting Gods results show that the service is now down to a total profit of just £121.99 over a seven month period so things really have gone downhill for the tipster.

The BSP Tipster – Update Two Betfair SP
Profit (£) (£ 206.70)
Profit (pts) (20.7)
New Bank £ 411.40
% Bank Growth -58.86%
Winning Bets 7
Total Bets 44
Strike Rate 15.91%
ROI -47.50%

Click here to view my results log so far.


I'm beginning to wonder whether the Betting Gods team will keep this service running for much longer given the recent poor performance, but I will continue with my trial for a third month regardless.

I'll be back with an update next month, but in the meantime ​click here to find out more about The BSP Tipster.

Update One: 11th December 2018

It's been a poor start to my trial of The BSP Tipster and I have already recorded a loss of £381.90 to £10 stakes!

There were just under 100 bets this month and 15 winners but the majority were at low odds so it has been a struggle to stay afloat.

It's quite a set back for the service and the overall reported profit is now down to 36.87 points since May. This works out around £50 to £10 stakes, which is more than half of that reported when I started the trial.

The BSP Tipster – Update One Betfair SP
Profit (£) (£ 381.90)
Profit (pts) (38.2)
New Bank £ 618.10
% Bank Growth -38.19%
Winning Bets 15
Total Bets 98
Strike Rate 15.31%
ROI -34.90%

Click here to view my results log for month one.


There have been some juicy starting prices throughout the month and just one winner could drastically improve the situation.

I'll be back with an update next month, but in the meantime click here to find out more about The BSP Tipster.

Introduction: 8th November 2018

Wouldn't it be great if we could ditch the bookies and be able to profit purely from betting at exchanges?

There would be no issues with stakes being restricted or accounts being closed after doing well for a while. It would also save time as there would be no need to scout around for the best odds or deposit money into several websites.

The BSP Tipster is a new service available on the Betting Gods platform that claims to have made an average monthly profit of £118.43 on the Betfair Exchange.

That's a total profit of £710.58 to £10 stakes since May at an ROI of 12.7%. That includes a deduction of the standard 5% Betfair commission.

The service sends out an average 40 to 50 tips each month and they are emailed out between 12 - 2pm each day. Alternatively the tips can be accessed through the private members area or on the Betting Gods mobile app.

I have set up a £1,000 bank to try the service out and will be betting at £10 per point.

I'll be back with my first update early December, but in the meantime find out more about The BSP Tipster here.

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  1. Well I see Tipster Warehouse is back in business, and guess who’s running it? yep,
    the same guy who tried to ripoff his customers, through lies and deceit, who runs
    Betting Gods.

  2. Hi, this is Betting Gods, or if you only knew the history of the guy who runs Betting Gods. On MMR a well known and respected review site, a long time ago we had dealings with this guy, no names but former MMR members will remember him well.

    He ran ” Tipster Warehouse ” without going into details, it was closed down.
    They were proved to be liars, cheats, totally dishonest. And, we had the proof in
    writing from their clients.

    I asked the guy himself, I said simple question for you, ” Did you or did you not send your clients emails knowing it was false information and total lies? ” He had responded in the past with all the excuses, BUT…. HE NEVER ANSWERED THIS QUESTION….HE HAD TO SHUT DOWN…

  3. I went to the link in your article and they offer me a trial with 30 days. Is it a good deal or this tipster is not profitable? Thanks

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