The Lay Bet Tipster Review

As there has only been one tip that met the odds criteria in the fourth month of my trial, I have decided that it is no longer worth me keeping it going.

The volume of bets for The Lay Bet Tipster is just too low for it to work as a tipping service.

In four months I have only had 15 bets and that wouldn't be so bad if there was a nice profit to report from them. My results below are for the three months as it hardly seemed worth putting a new table together for just 1 bet.

So, in three months I made a profit of £9.60 using £10 stakes. Even with £100 stakes, I would not have made enough to cover the monthly fees.

The Lay Bet Tipster – Whole TrialBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 9.60
Profit (pts)1.0
New Bank£ 1,009.60
% Bank Growth1.00%
Winning Bets11
Total Bets14
Strike Rate78.57%

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As a tipping service, this just doesn't work. Perhaps the tipster will look at tweaking the selection criteria so that there are more bets, but then will that affect the long-term profitability?

I am putting this trial down as a neutral result as it might be one to look at again if changes are made. If it stays as it is though, I don't see it being around for the long haul.

Update Three: 28th February 2023

It's been a better month for The Lay Bet Tipster with 5 out of 5 bets winning lays, an ROI of 25.7% and £50 profit.

It is still slim pickings with many of the bets being discarded due to the odds being higher than the advised limit but it's good to see a profit in any case.

The Lay Bet Tipster – Update ThreeBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 50.00
Profit (pts)5.0
New Bank£ 1,009.60
% Bank Growth1.00%
Winning Bets5
Total Bets5
Strike Rate100.00%

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I will keep tracking bets for The Lay Bet Tipster, seen as it hasn't exactly been full on in terms of volume! 

I'm still interested to see if things pick up in the next few months.

Update Two: 30th January 2023

It has been another slow month for The Lay Bet Tipster with just six bets that met the qualifying criteria and three of them losing. 

I lost £70.40 in total from these bets so that works out as a 4% decrease to my betting bank.

I'm certainly not getting excited about this service going by my experience so far!

The Lay Bet Tipster – Update TwoBetfair SP
Profit (£)(£ 70.40)
Profit (pts)(7.0)
New Bank£ 959.60
% Bank Growth-4.00%
Winning Bets3
Total Bets6
Strike Rate50.00%

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There have been so few bets for this service so far and I am just hoping that it picks up soon. Another month like this and I will have to consider bringing my trial to a close.

Update One: 2nd January 2023

The Lay Bet Tipster had a 100% win rate in the first month of my trial. It's not quite the achievement that it sounds though, as there were only 3 lay bets that qualified.

In the welcome email, the advice is not to lay any bets priced over 8.00 and there were just the 3 that were under. 

It's good to see that all of the bets were profitable but that is an extremely low volume!

The Lay Bet Tipster – Update OneBetfair SP
Profit (£)£ 30.00
Profit (pts)3.0
New Bank£ 1,030.00
% Bank Growth3.00%
Winning Bets3
Total Bets3
Strike Rate100.00%

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Perhaps it was an off month, with some races called off due to the freezing weather. I hope to see a few more bets next month but I do understand that it is not worth betting for the sake of it.

Introduction: 29th November 2022

The Lay Bet Tipster is a new tips service over at Betting Gods that uses Betfair Exchange rather than the usual bookies.

As the name suggests, the tipster only advises lay bets, so you want the horse to lose the race rather than win it.

You would think it would be easier to pick a horse not to win, but it's actually quite tricky to make a profit long-term from it. This tipster has come up with a system that has been working out nicely though.

He has been proofing his tips at Betting Gods since April 2022 and is now up to £1,946.00 profit to £25 stakes with a 7.9% return on investment. His initial bank has increased by 77.8%.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • 84.28% Win Rate
  • 7.9% ROI
  • 77.84% Bank Growth
  • 5.33 Average Odds
  • 87.5% Profitable Months

The tips are emailed out at 8.30am Monday to Sunday and there are an average of 29 tips per month.

You can also receive them through the Betting Gods app or through the website, which is often quicker than waiting for emails to come in.

A tips service that works on Betfair alone is always welcome, so I hope this service turns out to be as good as the sales page would suggest.

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