Top Rated Runners Review

Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

Right from the off, my trial of Top Rated Runners has been a struggle.

I lost just over 20% of my starting bank in the first month and it has been downhill ever since.

At the end of my third month following the service, I am in a pretty dire situation with 63% of my bank now lost with a total loss of £632.80 to £10 stakes.

Mike who runs the service has been shocked by the results lately, stating “Anyone who has been a long-time member knows that this current period is nothing like what we were doing before. I don’t expect to be giving out so many losing tips. It’s actually frankly insane the numbers that have gone against us.”

Below are my stats for month three, followed by my results for the whole trial… brace yourselves!

Top Rated Runners – Update Three Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) (£ 290.05) (£ 281.10) (£ 309.34)
Profit (pts) (29.0) (28.1) (30.9)
New Bank £ 453.75 £ 367.20 £ 84.16
% Bank Growth -54.63% -63.28% -91.58%
Winning Bets 14 14 13
Total Bets 68 68 68
Strike Rate 20.59% 20.59% 19.12%
ROI -39.46% -38.24% -42.09%
Top Rated Runners – Whole Trial Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) (£ 546.25) (£ 632.80) (£ 915.84)
Profit (pts) (54.6) (63.3) (91.6)
New Bank £ 453.75 £ 367.20 £ 84.16
% Bank Growth -54.63% -63.28% -91.58%
Winning Bets 49 49 47
Total Bets 235 235 235
Strike Rate 20.85% 20.85% 20.00%
ROI -21.25% -24.62% -35.64%

Top Rated Runners review

Click here to see my full results log.


Mike hasn’t decided to jump ship quite yet but the service has been on a break since the 14th August. Although he has said he will be back soon with some winners, it’s going to take some doing to recover from these results and regain the trust of his followers.

I wish him all the best but sadly this one goes down as a clear fail for me.

Click here should you wish to read more about Top Rated Runners.

Update: 24th July 2018

My trial of the Top Rated Runners service isn’t going very well at all.

Apologies in advance, but this is quite a depressing read…

I have endured a second losing month and a 35% decrease to my bank. There were 16 losing bets in a row early on in the month and currently there’s another run of 12 losing bets counted up until yesterday.

It’s not looking too promising, but I’ll reserve judgement until the end.

Top Rated Runners – Update Two Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) (£ 80.20) (£ 122.90) (£ 264.39)
Profit (pts) (8.0) (12.3) (26.4)
New Bank £ 743.80 £ 648.30 £ 393.49
% Bank Growth -25.62% -35.17% -60.65%
Winning Bets 18 18 17
Total Bets 73 73 73
Strike Rate 24.66% 24.66% 23.29%
ROI -9.44% -14.46% -31.11%

Click here to view my full results so far.


It’s difficult to see how the service can come back from this, but it’s possible. I need to see things turn around soon or this could trial will be heading towards a bitter end.

I’ll be back in August with my next update, but in the meantime click here for more details on Top Rated Runners.

Update: 26th June 2018

It’s been a pretty awful start to my trial of Top Rated Runners with my bank plummeting by 23% in a month!

There have been some horrific losing runs with 16 losing tips at the start of June and then after a small recovery, there was a period of 23 bets with just one winner.


I noticed that the service had another run of 17 losing tips just recently in April, but it’s promising to see that the full loss was recovered a week later. Hopefully it will be a quick recovery this time around too.

As it stands though, the first month ended with a loss of £228.80 at the prices that I could find, based on £10 per point. Results were also poor at BSP with a £342.12 loss.

Top Rated Runners – Update One Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) (£ 176.00) (£ 228.80) (£ 342.12)
Profit (pts) (17.6) (22.9) (34.2)
New Bank £ 824.00 £ 771.20 £ 657.89
% Bank Growth -17.60% -22.88% -34.21%
Winning Bets 17 17 17
Total Bets 94 94 94
Strike Rate 18.09% 18.09% 18.09%
ROI -17.87% -23.23% -34.73%

Click here to view my results for update one.


Long losing runs certainly make most punters feel uncomfortable when staking their hard-earned cash. They can be hard to deal with psychologically, but they are not uncommon in horse racing betting.

Does Top Rated Runners have bouncebackability?

(Yes it’s a word, I looked it up here!)

I will be back at the end of July with my next update to this review but, in the meantime, click here to find out more about Top Rated Runners.

Introduction: 23rd May 2018

I’ve decided to take a look at the Top Rated Runners service, run by “pro horse racing punter” Mike.

Mike has a passion for horse racing and has been betting professionally for more than 12 years. He launched this tips service just under a year ago as a member of the Betting Gods stable.

It’s hard not to be impressed by what he has achieved so far with Top Rated Runners:

  • A profit of £2216.81
  • £201.53 average monthly profit
  • 28.4% ROI
  • 29.55% Strike Rate
  • 221.7% Bank Growth

The tips are sent out each evening between 7-8pm and there are around 60-70 tips per month, so about 2 or 3 per day. The staking seems simple enough with bets advised at 1-3 points win or 0.5 points each-way and a starting bank of 100 points is recommend.

I certainly wouldn’t argue with an extra £200 in my pocket every month but will a similar figure be achievable during my live trial? I will be tracking my own results at the advised odds, the odds that I’m actually able to find and also Betfair SP.

I will be back with my first report in June. In the meantime, click here to find out more about Top Rated Runners.

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