Total Football Trading Review

Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

I have had so many emails asking about soccer systems that I have finally given in and decided to test one. Here, therefore, follows my trial of the Total Football Trading system.

The only reason I have not focussed on football up till now is that I’ve failed to find a soccer system that I really like….

At least, that is, up until now. As Total Football Trading looks very promising.

Total Football Trading doesn’t in fact contain one system, but ten!  It provides lots of different ways you can make money from betting on football.  All of which may sound overwhelming, but actually isn’t that bad, as most of them seem quite straightforward.


So, having unwrapped my new system, here are my first impressions:

a) it looks pretty professional.

b) it appears to be aimed at traders not gamblers, with the emphasis apparently being on playing tunes on the dynamics of markets rather than on trying to predict the performance of individual players or teams.

c) there seem, on the website, to be neither wild claims, nor photos of blondes draped over Lamborghini’s. All very refreshing – even, I’m sure, for those of my readers who have a thing for blondes and/or Lamborghini’s.

d) the TFT site is very well laid out and explained, with each of the 10 systems set into an overall framework, that explains when in your week or day you might operate a particular one.

e) there are a surprising number of systems which allow you be ‘done and dusted’ before the match even begins.  i.e. This is trading for purists.

f) the entire suite of systems appears to be focussed solely around betting exchanges.  So there is no chance of getting our bookie accounts limited here.

I have no idea how long my trial is going to take, as, with 10 systems, it clearly could be quite a while.  However I am hoping that as I test the first two or three, the general quality of the product (for good or ill) will rapidly become apparent.

My guess is that there is going to be some good stuff in here, however I do wonder a little, having read the systems through, whether some of them will require a LOT of cash to work effectively.  i.e. We may be trading very serious amounts of money to extract quite small percentage returns.

I aim to make a start with the system on Bank Holiday Monday….



Final System Update, 14/01/2012

I have tested this system over five different trading days, as explained at length in the comments section below.   Please read through those comments before considering purchasing this system.

In the end, I have decided to award TFT a “pass”, though with a few caveats.   The most serious is that it is very time-consuming, and you may find yourself putting in a lot of effort to generate worthwhile rewards.   This fact in turn may encourage you to increase your stakes earlier than you otherwise might like – but please, try to resist the temptation.   Instead, grow your bank gradually and you should be able to reach a level where you can make significant returns in the end.

Key points to note:

  • It follows from the above caveat that this is a system for real football fans.   Sitting and hoping that any of the online scoreboard websites register a vital goal is tedious, and I suspect most users would therefore prefer to watch the match on TV whilst trading.  Which is fine – provided of course you love the game! Remember that it is of course also possible to watched additional, streamed matches on Betfair and on certain bookmaker sites (e.g. Bet365).
  • The system comes with a credible warranty. This is not as common a feature of betting products as I believe it should be!
  • The system is really a family of systems, of which you are almost bound to find two or three you like.   Stick to these and persist till you have them absolutely nailed down, and you are very likely to make money in the long-term.   For anyone who knows the system, my personal favourites are the In and Out Method, and the Power Hour method, both of which are done and dusted very early on.
  • One or two of the methods aren’t strictly trading methods at all, but approaches to in-play laying (Golden Goal and Silver Goal).  I must admit to being slightly disappointed at their inclusion in a Trading Systems package.
  • One or two (especially the Bosman method) require a relatively rare series of pre-conditions to apply before you can bet, so their day-to-day usefulness is open to question.


In summary though, I did make some money (see below), but, owing to my ultra-low staking levels, I have yet to recover the full price of the system.  I will be using the In & Out and Power Hour Methods regularly, so I feel confident I have made a sensible purchase, but still wonder if I have the time to derive significant benefit long-term. As above, this really is footy fan stuff, and maybe I haven’t been bitten as deeply by the soccer bug!

I may add further comments in future, but for now at least, Total Football Trading has made it into the Passed Systems folder.


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  1. ——————————————————————–
    Have to say that the TFT package are brilliant! I have been unlucky with the in and out method though lost 3 games in a row all under 9min with the first shot of the game crazy!

    The are some wrong assumption on the books.
    The most wrong :
    I the book is wrote in the IN-OUT method
    Remember, Only 13% of all football matches have a goal within the first 15 minutes of the

    Is true that the first 15 minute is the lowest score timing, however the 13% you can see on soccer stats or other site but this is the distribution of goals and not the the % of match of at least one goal on the first 15 minutes.

    The % of match when the goal is scored in the first 15 minutes is about 30%

  2. Have to say that the TFT package are brilliant! I have been unlucky with the in and out method though lost 3 games in a row all under 9min with the first shot of the game crazy!

  3. Some of the trades are pie in the sky but if you read the trial
    Dynamic v Total football
    It makes it all clear
    It’s a good trial
    Well written honest

  4. There is in my opinion one method they give that is worth the cost, but agreed some are flawed and obviously rely on luck .
    I always think about it like this .. It’s not original to me but

    if you had a wonder system that made you fortunes ..if such thing exists ? Would you sell it for £56 a go ?
    I think you know the answer to that Mate

    I will get me coat
    Good luck

  5. I bought this a couple of year ago, must say I was not too impressed after all the hype, everyone of the methods carries too much risk compared to reward, in my opinion there are not any reasonable trade out options when things go wrong, and yes they do go wrong.
    I really can see how anyone is making over 100k per year unless you are betting 50k at a time, for me its another over hyped pile of junk for the dustbin.

    I make no apologies for being negative, I was taken in by the sales pages and reviews, I would say to anyone dont over expect too much, luck play a major part in all of their strategies, one of the worse products I have come across.

  6. Lucy

    I have just made my mind up and decided to buy TFT today, so i have took a bit of a chance but im
    hoping it will be a good purchase.
    I have bought it thru your link on your webpage so you might get a little something from it.
    Cant wait to have a read thru it all latter.

    1. I fully expect you to be impressed by your purchase and look forward to hearing how you get on. Maybe you could report back here on your progress so that other readers can benefit?

      Thank you for purchasing through my site… I only become an affiliate for ‘passed’ systems, and really there haven’t been many, so it’s never going to make me rich!


  7. Hi Lucy

    Would like to start with saying this is a very good honest review, But would like to know did you ever recoup your money back in the end since its been a couple of month’s since the review, and are you still using Total Football Trading.


    1. Paul,

      Thank you for your kind remarks and welcome to my site.

      Yes I did more or less make my money back, though I’m ashamed to say that I stopped tracking my bets in a structured way once I’d completed the review. (Note to self – practice what you preach girl!)

      I’m almost tempted to restart the trial, as quite a few of the methods were not fully tested above. What do you think? The ones that particularly appeal to me are the pre-match strategies as they seem so low risk. I was slightly discouraged by a degree of labour intensiveness about them though; you had to keep checking in during the day to see how the market was moving and so on, and I’m not sure I’m organised enough to remember to check back at the right times!

      It was things like this that made me realise how valuable it would be to have acquired what you might call the ‘football gene’! Real fans have the build-up to the match playing in the back of their minds all the time, which would be a useful trigger to remind you to check back into the markets. I tend to forget about my betting when I’m away from my computer, as I have so much else going on.

      All that said, there is a lot about football that lends itself very well to trading, especially if you’re new to the markets. The huge amount bet on the major games inevitably slows things down, especially pre-match, which can be reassuring if you’re watching things move against you. Odds are unlikely to run away at breakneck speed, so you almost always have time to take corrective action.


      1. Hi Lucy

        It would be good if you could restart the trial one day, because i would like to know what you would think of the methods that you have not tried yet and see if they are any good, but i know you are a busy person but it would be Interesting to know.

        Yes you are right i dont own this product, but i do own alot of football and racing systems too many to be
        honest and alot of them never really tried, but some systems were given to me, my best ones are my excel betfair sheets very good cost a bit ££ but i do like them.


  8. Day 5

    Well what can I say about Total Football Trading that I haven’t already said?

    I have spent my entire Saturday afternoon trading soccer, and my eyes are starting to hurt! This ain’t my idea of fun! And at the end of it, I have lost the sum of £7.05! Which brings my system balance back down to £25.55. What a slog this is.

    And yet that doesn’t really tell the whole story. For a long period I had locked in profits of almost £30, mainly through the Power Hour and In & Out methods, which almost overlap; and if I’d stopped there, I would have achieved my goal of recovering the total cost of the TFT system! But I was undone by two in-play methods designed to be used in the later stages of matches (Golden Goal, and LTD Reloaded), so the whole afternoon ended on a frustrating note.

    Irritatingly, I hadn’t realised that the Golden Goal method (and a related variant called Silver Goal) are not really trading systems at all, but rather approaches to in-play laying. (And there I was, thinking I had bought a trading system!).

    So I’m feelin’ a little miffed.

    That said, the pre-match / early trading options could be argued to be worth the price of this system on their own. They also allow you to finish up early, which is quite attractive to busy people.

    I feel I’ve got the hang of Total Football Trading now. I’ve made a little money (at admittedly small stakes) but am still quite a way short of what the system cost me. I haven’t actually quite tested all the methods yet – mainly because one or two options (such as the Bosman method) require quite a few conditions to apply before you use them, and I haven’t found a match to try them on yet.

    I am minded to ‘pass’ the system, as there are one or two really valuable methods within it, but its appeal is likely to be to huge football fans with a lot of time on their hands. If this isn’t you, don’t buy it! Seriously. I feel I have used enough energy to get to the moon with this one, but at the end of it I have only made £25.55.

    All that said, I will be adding the In & Out Method and the Power Hour method to my betting portfolio, and using them on a regular basis. The Double Bubble approach is also quite neat and won me a little money.

    I have written a final update above.


    1. Post Trial Update

      As a slight tweak to the above systems review – I feel I ought to point out that I have now used the In and Out method on an almost daily basis since completing my review, and made a profit every single time. Although undoubtedly I’ve had a little good fortune to achieve such consistent results, I do believe this one method can comfortably win you back the price of the entire Total Football Trading product.

      My feeling now is that the biggest strength of TFT is that there is almost bound to be a system within it that is right for you. Some may prefer the Double Bubble; others the Golden Goal. The benefit of their packaged approach is that you get such a range of options; but then I recommend you try to focus on and master one or two only, in order to deliver regular profits.


  9. Day 4

    Thought I’d try a different approach this evening – so for the first time, I attempted the charmingly named Double Bubble method. That said, it nearly never happened, as, although there were quite a few matches being played tonight, I struggled to find a game that met the required selection criteria.

    However, glory be, the eagerly anticipated encounter between Luton Town and Stockport County provided a lifeline. Never have I been so excited about lower division football. SkyBet are right; it matters a damned sight more when there’s money on it!

    Anyway, I didn’t quite get to sample the full delights of the double bubble. I can’t explain without giving the game away, but essentially it’s a system that gives you two bites of the cherry. As it turned out, only one bite was needed, so for my total risk liability of £40, I was able to green out for a minimum of £10 minus commission.

    As things turned out, a Luton win suited me, and I actually made £11.21 after Betfair’s 5% cut.

    I like this method. My guess is it’s likely to produce a good percentage of winners, but a certain amount does depend on your personal judgement: i.e. bet selection was not entirely mechanistic.

    Because of the shortage of selections tonight, I think this might be a good one to do during a packed Saturday afternoon programme, when there are likely to be several matches to monitor. It might make for a stressful last 20 though!

    Anyway, I’m not complaining because I won! New balance = £32.60, so I’m over halfway to recovering my initial outlay.


    ps Day 5 will be Saturday afternoon, when for the first time, I will trade multiple matches in parallel. I feel that it is essential this can be done with TFT, as otherwise it is in danger of becoming too time-consuming for most users, and therefore consigned to the ‘tried once’ bucket…. Hopefully the fact that I have given quite a few of the methods a decent run-out already should stand me in good stead when it comes to, er, ‘parallel processing’! x

  10. Day 2

    I locked in another £4.94 profit last night, after ‘greening up’ on a lovely little trade on the match between Newcastle United and Manchester United.

    I used the ‘In and Out’ method within the system, which is almost breathtakingly simple. There were a number of very appealing aspects –

    1) the returns are very controllable and predictable. The system aims at a return of 10% ROI, which is almost exactly what I achieved in practice, as I staked £50. Clearly, this could have been scaled up owing to the high liquidity levels on such a high profile match, however I am testing here so maintaining a cautious stance.

    In daily use, I would actually recommend a ratcheting approach (i.e. build stakes gradually as you accumulate profit so that when you reach high staking levels, you are playing with someone else’s money!).

    2) the system exploits the natural timing dynamic of Betfair in-play markets – which in turn seem to be driven by predictable aspects of punter behaviour.

    3) it was all very low risk. As the “In and Out” title suggests, this method is designed to get you in and out of the market as quickly as possible. There is risk exposure during this period however, so it did make for a somewhat jittery 13 minutes – this being the amount of time my trade was open.

    Having said all those nice things, I should caveat my comments by pointing out that the key to this particular method will be the win:loss ratio. The system designers claim a very high strike ratio for it, which sounds plausible enough to me given the way it is designed. However it would require a lot of football matches to take place before I could say categorically that I had enough statistical evidence to be sure the wins outweighed the losses.

    As far as I can see, the losses are likely to cost around 4 times more than what each win makes in profit. So a strike rate of over 80% would be needed to deliver long-term value. Based on available football statistics (and without giving too much away), I would expect to be able to achieve a strike rate of around 90%, so there would appear to be real scope for profit. However, I have obviously not tested this in live trading.

    I will keep running this method on every suitable game. As with all the TFT methods, the biggest issue is likely to be the need for patience – but then this is true of many betting systems. There is a definite temptation to go directly for larger stakes to make it all worthwhile, but I will be good and stick to my ratcheting approach!

    My running profit total is £31.54, so I am almost exactly halfway to recouping the system cost of £64.10.


    1. Day 3

      Well I tried the Golden Goal method in the system today, in the FA Cup tie between Reading and Stevenage. I ended up begging Reading to score but honestly feel they wouldn’t have scored if they’d played all night! That cost me £26.03, as I was staking quite high (a lay of £30) and I didn’t enjoy the experience one bit.

      Fortunately I have jus’ greened up on the Bristol Rovers v Aston Villa tie, earning myself £15.88 after commission. Once again, I did this via the wonderful In and Out method, which is so simple it takes your breath away. I was quite bold here, working with a cash roll of £150, and once again I secured around 10% profit.

      I’m almost tempted to stick to the In and Out method entirely and dump the others, as it is simple and quick, and (as far as I can tell to date) statistically likely to deliver long term value. As I keep saying, many of the other methods are quite time-consuming, but this little one’s a beauty. Certainly one I will be using in future once the trial is over.

      So overall, £10.15 down for the day, bringing my balance back down to £21.39. That £64.10 target suddenly feels a way off …


  11. Day 1

    A quick update from my first day of betting with Total Football Trading….

    And my general impression is ‘so far, so good’. I have only been playing around with relatively modest sums today, but have finished the day £26.60 ahead, via some very low-risk trading. I would have been a further £20 up if Fulham had not continued the recent trend for Premier League upsets by scoring a last-minute winner; but here the system showed its strength, as this was in effect a risk-free £20 flutter. OK, Fulham won, but I didn’t lose anything…. I jus’ didn’t win that little £20 note!!

    On the plus side then:

    – there are ten systems, and I have so far only used about four of them! I particularly like the pre-match trading ones, as they do seem low-risk and potentially profitable long-term.

    – some of the systems require quite a few conditions to apply before you bet, however as there are so many alternatives, there is almost bound to be something you can do to bet on a particular match

    – I made money without feeling that I was risking very much at any stage. That said, I did hit my stop-loss on one occasion, but was lucky that (what would have been) a small loss was avoided, because Blackburn somewhat unexpectedly lost at home.

    On the other side of the equation:

    – this is pretty labour-intensive stuff. Often we are playing for just a few ticks of profit, so you have to be prepared to exercise a lot of patience, and sometimes sit and monitor the odds for quite a while (or alternatively, keep checking back to see whether we are steaming or drifting).

    – it follows from the previous point that this system (or really, family of systems) requires some serious cash to operate. Without this, each tick would be worth trivial amounts, and the investment of time wouldn’t be worth it.

    – That said, the big chunks of cash are never really at risk – or at least, only a fraction of them is. Obviously, this varies from system to system, but generally, the whole thing is designed to be as low-risk as possible, with a view to making profit in the long term. This is an approach I personally applaud.

    Clearly, it’s far too early to be drawing conclusions about TFT yet, however my trial has made a promising start. It will be a couple of days before I am able to have another crack at it, however I intend to try all 10 systems out if I can, to give as rounded a view of the product as possible. (This may be slightly more difficult than it sounds, as one or two of the alternatives require a fairly rare combination of conditions to apply before a given match can be selected).

    I actually bought this system (cost around £64), so the first objective of my trial is to recover the price of the system!! My feeling at the moment is that this shouldn’t be particularly difficult to do, but may be very time-consuming.


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