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Lay Back & Get Rich betting system review

I have reached my 100 bet target for Trackside and it’s good news!

I’m happy to report a successful trial with a total profit £410.30.

There were a lot more tips sent out during the fourth month of the trial, in fact more than double than the previous month, so I reached my target sooner than I thought.

Many horse tipping services send out their tips in the evening, trying to catch that early value before the markets are properly formed. There’s no doubt that this can be profitable but it can be tricky getting those juicy odds before they are cut.

Trackside send out their tips on the day of the races, either in the morning or early afternoon. I’ve had barely any trouble at all matching the advised prices and have even found better prices at times, which is a huge plus.

One of the things I initially liked about this service was the fact that it seemed to able to make a profit from just 1 or 2 bets a day. In the last month there have been days where it has been more like 3 or 4 bets a day, but it has still been a manageable amount.

Month four resulted in a profit of £142.70, so I can’t complain!

As always, I have recorded the results at Betfair SP and I’m delighted to see that not only have the tips shown a profit to BSP, it is actually only 6.5 points behind (or £65 to £10 stakes).

Below are my stats for month four followed by results for the whole trial.

Trackside – Update Four Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) £ 145.75 £ 142.70 £ 169.71
Profit (pts) 14.6 14.3 17.0
New Bank £ 1,413.95 £ 1,410.30 £ 1,344.79
% Bank Growth 41.40% 41.03% 34.48%
Winning Bets 13 13 13
Total Bets 42 42 42
Strike Rate 30.95% 30.95% 30.95%
ROI 24.70% 24.19% 28.76%
Trackside – Whole Trial Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) £ 413.95 £ 410.30 £ 344.79
Profit (pts) 41.4 41.0 34.5
New Bank £ 1,413.95 £ 1,410.30 £ 1,344.79
% Bank Growth 41.40% 41.03% 34.48%
Winning Bets 39 40 38
Total Bets 112 112 112
Strike Rate 34.82% 35.71% 33.93%
ROI 23.26% 23.05% 19.37%

Trackside review

Click here to view my full set of results for the trial.


Trackside has had a great couple of years tipping at PuntHub, claiming to have made a profit of 256.8 points to date.

Although I can’t personally verify these results, judging by my results in the past four months it certainly seems achievable and I’ve no hesitation in recommending the service.

It goes straight into the “passed” folder.

Click here to find out more about Trackside

Update: 25th July 2018

My Trackside profits have taken a small hit in the third month of my trial with a £39.50 loss recorded at the prices I could find.

I’m still in a great position though, thanks to the smashing results during the first two months.

That “at the prices I could find” line is really important.

You see, unlike some lazy reviewers who simply copy whatever results they’re given by the tipster (what’s the point??) I check that every price really is available to back or lay.

If I didn’t do that, then all of my trials would be useless!

So yes, all of the results on this site are “at the prices I could find” and never, ever anything else.


My total winnings for the Trackside trial now add up to £267.60 using £10 per point which works out as an average of 8.9 points profit per month.

Betfair SP is a bit of a way behind with the total profit adding up to £175.08, but I’m always pleased to see a profit at Betfair even if it’s slightly lower than at the bookies.

Trackside – Update Three Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) (£ 52.20) (£ 39.50) (£ 67.48)
Profit (pts) (5.2) (4.0) (6.7)
New Bank £ 1,268.20 £ 1,267.60 £ 1,175.08
% Bank Growth 26.82% 26.76% 17.51%
Winning Bets 5 5 5
Total Bets 19 19 19
Strike Rate 26.32% 26.32% 26.32%
ROI -17.40% -13.17% -22.49%

Click here to view my full set of results so far.


I’d like to reach around 100 bets for this trial, so I’m going to keep going and I’ll be back with an update next month.

In the meantime, click here for more details on Trackside.

Update: 26th June 2018

Trackside have gone and done it again!

After a glorious start to my trial, the second month has seen a further profit of £94.25 added to the pot. This makes it a total of £326.55 profit at the prices taken, based on £10 per point.

The service is on a remarkable run at the moment with nine winning months in succession. They have even managed to make a healthy profit of £262.56 at BSP odds, which is a very promising sign.

Trackside – Update Two Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) £ 69.50 £ 74.80 £ 47.63
Profit (pts) 7.0 7.5 4.8
New Bank £ 1,320.40 £ 1,307.10 £ 1,242.56
% Bank Growth 32.04% 30.71% 24.26%
Winning Bets 10 11 9
Total Bets 27 27 27
Strike Rate 37.04% 40.74% 33.33%
ROI 15.80% 17.00% 10.83%

Click here to view my full set of results so far.


Trackside seems to be right up my street, but I’m not going to get ahead of myself and give my full approval just yet.

There have only been 51 bets in my trial so far and while I’m struggling to contain my excitement a little, I’ve been around long enough to know that I have to keep a lid on it. Somehow.

It is turning into an exciting trial though!

I will be back with my next installment in a month, but in the meantime click here for more details on Trackside.

Update: 24th May 2018

Trackside is off to a flying start, delivering a profit of £232.30 in the first month of my trial.

The selective approach this tipster has been taking seems to be working well, as the service has now almost made it 8 winning months in a row.

I recorded 24 selections in total this month and 11 of them went on to make a profit which is a win rate of 45.8%. This is quite remarkable given that the odds have averaged at 8.18 so far.

But that isn’t the best of it… wait until you see the ROI! The total stakes tallied up to 45 points and there was a return of 23.2 points, which makes it a fantastic ROI this month of 51.6%.

I’m really pleased to see that the service has also been doing well at BSP with a profit of £194.93 and an ROI of 43.3%. If this carries on it could make it betting at Betfair Exchange a viable option, which is definitely a big plus.

Trackside – Update One Advised Prices Price taken Betfair SP
Profit (£) £ 250.90 £ 232.30 £ 194.93
Profit (pts) 25.1 23.2 19.5
New Bank £ 1,250.90 £ 1,232.30 £ 1,194.93
% Bank Growth 25.09% 23.23% 19.49%
Winning Bets 11 11 11
Total Bets 24 24 24
Strike Rate 45.83% 45.83% 45.83%
ROI 55.76% 51.62% 43.32%

Click here to view my full results log.


I couldn’t have asked for a better start to my review, but how long will this winning spell go on for? I do expect there to be a correction at some stage, as it’s rare to see an ROI that high for a horse racing tips service.

I will be back with another update next month, but in the meantime, click here to find out more about Trackside.

Introduction: 23rd April 2018

PuntHub say that Trackside is one of the “highest rated services on the market today” with only 3 losing months out of 17.

Since December ’16 they have generated a profit of 212.15 points from 901 tips with a return on investment of 23.55%.

It seems that recently the tipster has taken more of a selective approach with the number of tips per month dropping by around half, but it looks like it has been paying off, being on their way to achieving 7 winning months in a row.

I am liking the sound of this service already. I’m not going to be flooded with tips every day, as during the last six months there has just been 1 tip per day on average. The staking plan seems simple too, with most tips bet at 1 point each-way.

Below is a breakdown of profit/loss month by month since the service’s inception:

Trackside historical results


The other tipsters that I have trialled from PuntHub haven’t been up to scratch in my reviews so far, so will Trackside be the redeemer? I have set up a £1000 bank (100 points at £10 each) to test the service out and will post my results here on a monthly basis.

In the meantime, click here to find out more about Trackside.

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  1. Can we consider you the kiss of death Amy? I’ll expect an un-heard-of losing run from Trackside now!
    What day are you starting recording from? I’ll put a marker on our sheet so I keep keep track myself.

    Thanks and good luck
    Ben (PuntHub)

    1. I hope not! It has been difficult to find profitable services so far though.

      Trackside has started very well with 2/2 winners at 9/1 and 7/1. Perhaps this is the one I’ve been waiting for!

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