Wadster Winners Review: Introduction

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Wadster Winners is a tennis tipping service that is structured in a way that means members only pay when they have made a profit from the tips.

The service is run by Aidan Wardle, otherwise known as Wadster, who has a unique story about how he got into the world of betting. Before 2016, he hadn't really had any experience with tennis betting at all.

It was only when he was introduced to the concept of betting exchanges by his lecturer at university that he had a lightbulb moment. He went on to do a dissertation in the efficiency of tennis betting markets and it went from there.

Here's a breakdown of the statistics for the service to date:

  • 164 Points Profit
  • 3004 Points Staked
  • 5.5% ROI

It has been a learning curve for Wadster and along the way he has discovered that his performance on ATP is much better, with an ROI of 8%. Going forward, the service is focusing on ATP only.

The service is run on the Telegram app, so you receive bets as below:

Limited bettors are prioritised, so the bets posted are available at Betfair Exchange or Asian bookmakers.

For those with unlimited bookie accounts available, there are additional groups so that users can receive bets for other sites such as Bet365 or other UK bookmakers.

Wadster said: "I tip only when markets are liquid and likely to be stable and when options are available at the Betfair Exchange & Pinnacle amongst others. The whole system is based upon users getting the odds and I think that's completely different from the vast majority of options out there."

I am going to be following Wadster Winners for the next few months and I will post my results here each month.

If you want to try the service out for yourself, you will get 3 free credits by typing /affiliate into the bot and entering the code "LBGR12".

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