ZCode System Review

ZCode System Review

The ZCode System has been around since 1999 and is said to be one of the most popular sports betting services in the world.

First off, I have to say that the ZCode System is actually less of a system itself and more of a betting community, offering a large collection of betting systems and tips.

There are systems for a range of different sports and as it is a US friendly service, you will see a lot of focus on American sports such as Baseball and American Football.

There is something for everyone though, including plenty of football (soccer), horse racing and tennis betting systems too. There are even systems for eSports, which seems to be really taking off in the betting world.

My first impression was that it is a little overwhelming at first, as there is a huge amount of things to look through in the VIP area.

The Top Systems page ranks systems from #1 to #1,000 based on the last 3 months performance, so there really is a massive amount of choice. Where do you start?

Firstly, there is a webinar video that you are encouraged to watch to get started and then there are some other step-by-step videos to look at after. There are also steps to follow on the "Overview" tab where you will find a "Quick Start Guide" PDF.

During my ZCode System review, I will attempt to break down the various aspects of the service into a sections and hopefully make everything a bit clearer.

Getting Started with ZCode System

Initially, the idea is to pick 2-3 systems to follow. This seems a good idea, so that it doesn't get too confusing and put you at risk over-betting.

A key point that the service covers is bank management. This is really important and can ultimately determine whether you succeed or fail at sports betting.

The team say that you should choose a bet size that is small enough to withstand a losing streak but large enough to make a sufficient return. The usual advice is to use 1% fixed on each bet but this can be adjusted to fit a conservative or aggressive approach.

There are a few areas of the site to cover, so read on to find out more about each. 

Hot Trends

Within the Hot Trends menu you will find all sorts of systems and clicking on one of them will take you to the system's page on the forum.

There you will find more information about it including a staking plan and where the picks will be posted, which will either be in the forum or on the VIP Picks wall.

Top Automated Systems

The Top Automated Systems page is a list of the best performing systems based on the "Systems Power Ranking Formula". You can filter the list by Profit, ROI, Trust or Profit Chart.

This calculates a position for the system based on the last three month's performance and helps you find what is hot right now.

ZCode System Review - Automated Systems

Clicking on a system takes you to the page where you will find signals that have been added for the system that are ready to bet on.

Please note that bets aren't placed for you with these automated systems, the picks are just posted automatically.

Here you will also find a wide range of statistics and graphs for the system so you can see how it has been performing over a longer period of time.

ZCode System Review - Automated Systems

Top 30 Hottest Experts

Within the Hot Trends area you will also find a list of "Top 30 Hottest Experts".

This is a collection of the top 30 experts on the site based on the "Experts Daily Power Ranking Formula". This calculates a position based on contributions during the last two weeks and takes into account likes and experience points.

The thing that put me off about this personally, was that pretty much anyone could become an expert. There are a fair few "experts" in the list that are tagged as "ZCode Newbies". So basically, I could become a member, post some random tips and if they win I may make it to the Expert list. Hmmm...

It say on this page that the list is free from any human bias, but really this is one of the places where I would say it needs some human input. In my opinion, experts should have to go through some sort of proofing and monitoring, not just get on the top 30 list through popularity from the past two weeks.

In any case, if you wanted to follow an expert, you simply hit the follow button next to their name and you can get a notification whenever they post something to the wall.

VIP Picks Wall

This is where you will find all the latest picks for systems from the ZCode experts. I couldn't find a way to just show the systems or experts that I am following, so it's a case of sifting through all of the posts to find what you're looking for.

I'm not a fan of this format personally and would prefer the picks to be posted on the forum post so that I can just go directly to the systems that I want.

It's not just picks that are posted to the wall, there's also bits of conversation going on, so it gets a bit chaotic trying to find the tips.

ZCode System - VIP Picks Wall

ZCode System Results

It seemed to me that a good place to start would be the Top Automated Systems, as you can see statistics like profit, ROI and a profit graph for each system right away.

There's no doubt that ZCode System was tough to review as there is so much going on with it. No one will get the same results unless they are following the exact same systems or experts.

Originally, I had planned to record results for three automated systems to see if I can make a profit. However, I had trouble with the systems that I had chosen as they weren't suitable for my time zone and I was missing out on picks.

It was clear that I would have to spend a lot more time using the service to get an idea of how would be the best way for me personally to make a profit from it.

However, I do have a first hand account from Lay Back & Get Rich reader Mette, who has been using the ZCode System for more than a year and hasn't looked back since.

Mette's ZCode System Review

I joined Zcode in February 2020 and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me as a sports investor. I have learned so much from other members, and continue to grow my skill set and earnings every day.

This is not a tipping service with everything served up - this is for anyone serious about becoming or continue being a successful sports investor.

The greatest value for me is the opportunity to learn from other members and Zcode quickly became a very important part of my life. I did not expect that, but now it’s is my virtual office with daily routines and hundreds of colleagues/friends all over the world.

2020 was a wakeup call for many specialized sports investors and the importance of being diverse and flexible. I always had a diverse portfolio, having no particular preferences except profit and convenience, but suddenly having E-sport and Russian table tennis as the main action, who would have thought?

The tools and experts at Zcode cover most betting sports and many angles and I will typically invest in 4-6 different sports during a week. I prefer to be in control of my selections and have picked up some great methods in forum, but there are only so many hours in a day for crunching data and making selections, so I follow a few experts and auto-systems too.

I get notifications both in my browser and the mobile app, according to my settings. It took me some time to get the hang of it.

One of the first lessons with a service of this aptitude, is to be selective and control your FOMO. You just can’t cover all, and my advice is to only chose experts and systems that fits your available hours and bookmakers.

There are many brilliant experts in US sports that I would love to follow, but it’s just not feasible while I sleep. Other experts, fitting my hours better, might use books offering odds I can’t get, so that’s not a match either. I’m not lacking options, don’t worry.

My favorite tool is called Soccer Buddy, providing predicted probabilities for several HT and FT markets. My most profitable and consistent system is based purely on Soccer Buddy, added some spreadsheet magic!

I have shared all my selection criteria and backtesting results in forum for everyone to see, as I support the idea of contributing. Many members are transparent about their methods, and I feel that I get plenty back from what I put in.

The forum is a virtual goldmine of wisdom and inspiration, and I have learned things about money management, that I wish I’d known years ago.

Selections are just a small part of being successful, you also need good money management, realistic expectations, discipline and the right mindset. Being in a community like this helps me stay on the right track and strive to do better.

I chose to be active and social on the VIP Wall, where I post my daily system selections and results. I sometimes work together with other members on development and testing, and I think it’s wonderful to have that interaction with people sharing my interests.

The Wall runs 24/7 and needs a little observing to fully understand. People are very supportive, helpful and welcoming on the wall, but remember that they are also hardworking and busy, sharing by choice and not in any way obligated to hold your hand.

Make an effort before asking and be polite. We also have fun! Pop in to say hello, that’s always a good start!

Zcode made/makes podcasts with members, covering various topics in a conversational style and they are all available at Soundcloud. These are some of the guys you will meet at Zcode, on the Wall, in forums or as creators behind the automated systems.

Great knowledge and inspiration shared by real persons who made the journey and keeps on grinding every day!


I found the ZCode System a difficult service to review because of the vast amount that it has to offer. I didn't even know where to start with it!

Although I had initially planned to record some results for my review, in the end it didn't make sense to, as anyone using the service would get completely different results.

What I like about ZCode System is the community factor and their idea of treating sports betting as a an investment. It's a great place to learn from others and share knowledge between each other.

There are absolutely tons of systems to choose from and tipsters to follow, so you need to take time to set out a plan when using ZCode rather than just blindly betting on as much as possible.

After taking into account everything ZCode has to offer and Mette's experience using the service, I would definitely recommend taking a look at it.

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  1. I joined Z Code Systems a little over 2 weeks ago. My ROI have dropped significantly and I have been regressing in general since Z Code. Their “profitable systems” are basically betting on big favorites every night or betting on U19 Poland soccer or Russian Ping Pong LMAO. The “developers” still conveniently get paid either way and even say they will reimburse you if you aren’t profitable. However after waiting several days after reaching out to support, they deny me and blame me for the losses and not dropping more and more money on their bets that will not hit. Please, for your own good,. STAY AWAY FROM THIS FRAUDULENT SERVICE

    1. Hey Nick. I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Z Code. There are many tipsters and systems available on the platform so building a portfolio of them to bet on is the way to go. However if you aren’t happy with the service, it is on Clickbank so you will be able to get a refund through them as long as it is within the first 60 days.

    1. Hey Jase. I have had trouble with my plan of tracking the three “automated” systems, as the bets they were posting were at funny times when I would not be around (time difference issues) so I wasn’t catching a lot of them. The problem is, there isn’t any kind of notification system to say when new bets are posted, so you have to keep checking on the site for these.

      I do have some good news though and will be updating the review in 2 weeks time with some interesting stuff.

  2. I’m looking forward to the review. I’ve been a member several times but have lost a bit following the live bets & ones appearing on the wall.

    There’s so much on offer I definitely feel like I didn’t make the most of it so it will be interesting to see how it goes for you.

    Good luck!

  3. The service is actually much cheaper. They give 75% off discounts just about every week and once you take that deal the low price stays forever. But yeah, it’s not a system, it would be nothing without its community. You can choose 5 experts and 5 automated systems created by the members and you have a portfolio that makes 10 bets a day.

    1. Hey John, Thanks, that’s good to know. You could end up with a lot more bets than 10 a day though, as most systems are signalling several picks a day.

    2. Interested to see your comment on the pricing there, John. The regular price looks to be 140 per month which looks really steep. Any idea when the 75% discounts to which you referred are available, or do you just need to keep loooking at the website? Yhanks.

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