Easy Money Makers: The Best Free Money Offers For Everyone

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Looking for ways to make free money? You are in the right place!

Here is my collection of the best easy money makers around. Whether you want to make some extra cash for a purchase, build up a betting bank or earn a part time income, this list will help you on your way.

Rest assured that all of these offers have been tried and tested by myself personally and I have only including the ones that paid out without any issues.

I will be updating the list with new offers as I come across them, so be sure to bookmark this page.

How I made £500 on Freecash

Freecash is a GPT (Get-Paid-To) website where you can earn points for completing various tasks, such as installing apps, playing games or completing surveys.

The points can be cashed out as gift cards, cryptocurrency or through PayPal. One of the best ways is to cash out as Litecoin, as there are no fees, whereas some of the other methods like PayPal incur a flat 5% fee.

You can earn up to $87.75 worth of points per offer and there were 685 offers available to work on last time I checked.

Many of the offers that I completed have been to reach a certain level in mobile games. Some can be finished within a couple of days, and some are a bit harder, so it’s worth looking for guides on Reddit for the best strategy to complete the offers.

Other offers include signing up to bookmakers and casinos and making a deposit. These can be quite lucrative, and it only takes a few minutes.

Personally, I haven’t had much luck with the surveys as I didn’t seem to meet the criteria, but I have heard from other members that do well with them.

I added up my points since discovering Freecash a few months ago and it came to a total of 607,543. In USD that amounts to $607.54 profit, which is around £500 at the current exchange rate.

There are other sites like this, but based on my experience of using them, I have found that Freecash are higher paying and have more offers available.

Cash outs to Litecoin are quick and simple and then you can either convert to another cryptocurrency or convert to fiat currency (£, $, etc.) ready to withdraw to your bank.

Earn free gift cards on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another GPT (Get-paid-to) website that has similar tasks to complete as Freecash, as well as some other ways to make money.

Completing tasks rewards you with Swagbucks points (SB) that can be exchanged for gift cards once you have reached a certain amount. Most gift cards start at a minimum of £5 but often you can get better value on the higher value cards.

Aside from earning points from apps, games and other offers, they can be earned as cashback for shopping at various retailers, filling out surveys, watching videos and performing web searches.

Some of the offers are the same as on other GPT sites but they all vary in how much they pay out, so it’s definitely worth comparing between them.

My Inboxpounds Earnings Report

Inboxpounds has the same setup as Swagbucks with the same offers available, except they pay you in GBP that can then be converted into gift cards.

It's easier to work out how much the offers are worth and more importantly, the amount they pay is slightly higher than Swagbucks.

With that in mind, I chose to use this site over Swagbucks and have made £180.50 since signing up a few months ago.

As you can see in my earnings below, I achieved that by completing just 8 offers. I also have another 2 offers that are pending for a further £53, which makes it a total £233.50.

One huge positive for both Swagbucks and Inboxpounds is their customer service. Any time that I have had an offer not track correctly, they have had it credited within a few days.

All of the tasks that I have completed so far on Inboxpounds just involved installing mobile games, then reaching a certain level to earn the cash. Pretty simple!

Monzo - £5 Free

Monzo is a digital bank that is ideal for keeping your betting transactions separate from your main bank account. I have been using it solely for depositing and withdrawing money from online bookmakers and casinos and it has worked brilliantly.

It is also crypto-friendly, so you can use it for cryptocurrency purchases without the transaction being blocked.

Monzo has full FSCS protection which provides compensation for the loss of up to £85,000, so you can rest assured that any money in your account is safe.

It's easy to get started and you will get £5.00 just for signing up and making a card payment within 30 days.

Passive Income with Honeygain 

Honeygain is a way to earn free money by sharing your unused internet connection.

All you have to do is install their app on your device and let it run in the background, or install it on multiple devices to multiply your earnings.

In return you will points that can be cashed out via Paypal once you reach $20. Alternatively, you can earn JumpToken (JMPT) which can be cashed out instantly without any fees. Currently you will get a 50% bonus if you choose to get paid in JMPT.

Less than a day of Honeygain earnings

To put the above daily earnings into context, 1000 points is £1, so at the time of writing this I had earned 41p in a few hours without doing anything. It may not seem a lot, but it all adds up!

There's no need to worry about privacy, as they guarantee their software does not collection any data other than your device information.

I haven't noticed any reduction in the speed of my connection while it has been running, in fact, I didn't notice it was running at all.

Based on the calculator on their website, you can potentially earn $30 per month if you share 10 GB of data per day.

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    1. Hey Max. I like Freecash but it is worth comparing the offers on Swagbucks and Inboxpounds too, as some pay better than others and they sometimes have promotions on certain offer walls.

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