2022 Betting System Oscars: Best (Other Sport) Betting Product

Welcome back to the 2022 Betting System Oscar awards!

This award is for the Best (Other Sport) Betting Product, which is for any betting product that covers sports other than football and horse racing.

Tradeshark Tennis had been dominating in this category and had won the award four years in a row. 

After founder Paul Shires teamed up with Matt Bisogno and Steve Brown (of Geegeez and Goal Profits) to form the new service Tennis Profits, they went on to win the award for the first time last year.

I have seen a rise in the popularity of US sports betting this year. You only need to check some of the main bookmakers of an evening and you will come across all sorts of boosts and offers for US sports markets, particularly American Football.

There don't seem to be too many tipping services just yet but it's inevitable there will be more cropping up in the near future.

For now, Tennis and Golf seem to the most preferred "other sports" for tips services.

Will Tennis Profits win the Oscar for the second time running?

The winner is....

Tennis Profits have held on to the award for the second year!

The service received a huge amount of votes with a 40.5% majority.

It has so much to offer, including a tennis trading course, Player Stats, Live Stats Tool, tennis trading strategies and even live trading with Paul Shires himself.

Clearly a lot of work has gone into the service between the three guys, so it's a well-deserved achievement.

When I broke the news to Paul he said:

"Thanks Amy.

Oscars time of year already? Where has the time gone?

It is amazing that your readers have voted for us again. Matt and Steve are thrilled. A lot has been added to the site over the last 15 months and there is a lot more to come.

The stats pages were unashamedly set up to make my own research easier and, more importantly, quicker.

The recent US Open was the first time I have been able to research all 128 of the first round matches before the first one was played!

We are not kidding ourselves that there isn’t a lot still to add to the stats pages and the site overall and my ever growing list will keep the developer very busy!

The live sessions are proving very popular and the occasional live streamed trades mean that members can watch every move I make. There is nowhere to hide on a live stream!

Thanks again to everyone who voted for us."

Congratulations once again Paul, Steve and Matt!

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