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Many of the readers of my site tell me they have a good idea for a betting system.

Or that they have an interesting variation on a commercially available idea.

And they’re often right to be excited.

But, in my experience, what often trips them up is knowing how best to test their new method.

Because, although they usually agree with me that testing is important, they often lack the necessary spreadsheeting skills to record and analyse their results data properly.

So: I thought it would be a good idea to release a spreadsheet or two on the site that would simplify the task of data capture and analysis.

And you now can get the first one by immediate download from this page….

Horse Racing Analysis Spreadsheet
Horse Racing Analysis Spreadsheet

Many people appear to use spreadsheet tools as little more than big electronic notepads.

They will calculate all sorts of sums manually then just key in the results – rather than letting the technology do the grunt work for them!

This is creating work – and almost guaranteeing inaccuracy.

Because invariably, following a manual process will produce lots of calculation errors – which simply wouldn’t happen if the spreadsheet were set up to do the sums for you.

Testing doesn’t have to be this hard!

I have put together an Excel spreadsheet that you can download for just £5 + VAT from here.

An OpenOffice version is also available for the same price by email request to [email protected].

The spreadsheet covers the noble art of backing horses, including each-way and straight win betting at both the bookies and Betfair.

It is super-quick to use and, in return for very modest effort on the user’s part, automatically produces analysis of:

  • strike rates
  • return on investment
  • capital growth.

It also allows you to compare performance between backing at the bookies and the exchange, including handling Betfair Starting Prices and each-way betting.

I think you will find it very easy to use, but, to make life even simpler, I have put together a completely free and comprehensive User’s Guide that you can get your hands on here.

You may wish to read the User Guide before buying anything to find out exactly what the spreadsheet does.

To receive the password for the spreadsheet, simply click on the Paypal button below.  The price is £5 + VAT at your local rate.


I will produce additional spreadsheets for laying and trading in due course.

But backing remains far more popular so is the obvious place to start.

Using tools like the the Lay Back Horse Racing Backing Spreadsheet has made me a lot more successful in my own testing and trialling.

It’s an approach that introduces rigour and discipline into the process and, by automating the calculations, drastically reduces the effort required.

Once you get the hang of the spreadsheet – which shouldn’t take very long at all – you should quickly find it becomes easy to track and analyse your betting.

If you have any questions, do drop me a line at [email protected].

And of course, if and when you come up with your killer system and would like to tell me about it, do get in touch!


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